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Our Simmons beauty sleep Erica plush pillow top is sinking in the middle. We purchased it in April and turned it once to avoid getting a hill in the center and now I feel like I have to roll uphill to get out of bed! Has anyone else had this issue? Was this mattress recalled or discontinued because of this problem?

asked Jul 10 '16
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Our Erika plush pillow top model did the same thing, even though we flip it every month. We've had it for only two years now and has been sunken in since about 3-4 months after we purchased. This is the worst mattress I have ever owned and will not be buying another Simmons. I am not even going after the warranty replacement due to the fact I don't even want the new replacement, I'm done. We are going to use ours for a spare room when we move, or trash, and will go buy a different brand, better quality mattress to replace. Very disappointed.

answered May 21 '17
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scott h from Dayton, OH
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Asked: Jul 10 '16

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