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I paid for a Simmons Prospect Park mattress but they delivered me the Simmons Adriatic Sea mattress and said its the same mattress, Simmons just changed name. Is this legit?

asked Aug 09 '15
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While mattress companies certainly produce the same model with many different ticks (covers) and alternate names, you should expect to receive the exact item you tried out in the store. Mattress companies can make running changes to a line and it should be the responsibility of the retailer to change their floor models to reflect this change. If they don't, at a minimum they need to explain to a consumer that they would be shipping you a different model, in either color, name or specs, and then share with you these exact differences. At that point you can gauge your level of comfort with that retailer and if you are willing to accept an item that is different than the one you tried in the showroom.

answered Aug 11 '15
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Well said, Jeff.

(Aug 11 '15) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image
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