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I am considering a Tempur Flex Elite mattress but I am concerned about complaints that it is hot and that it develops body impressions. Can anyone share feedback about this mattress?

asked Oct 03 '15
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I have half of one, and thats my wifes half...I opted for the Breeze Supreme on my side. She does not get hot, I do, so when making your decision about what mattress to buy, keep yourself and your body in mind. The Breeze is great for someone who gets hot easy, mine keeps me cool all night long. I have slept on my wifes side, and I did find myself getting warmer..which she loves, I do not. We have had these for about 18 months..and no sagging or dips, I also sell these for a living, and have yet to have any client make this complaint. Most important is picking it for you though, remember that when you buy whichever you buy.

answered Feb 27 '17
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jason l from Saint Ann, MO
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