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How do I set up the comfort foam layers on a 7000 sleep number bed?

asked Sep 27 '15
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I just replaced mine this week. Mine was several years old. They prorated the cost of the foam based on how many years you've had it. This is the very thick layer of foam, not the top layer. Mine was $364.19 for the foam layer, $407 including shipping and tax. When I asked about purchasing the top layer, which is the layer with the zipper and is on the very outside of the top, it would have been just under $800.00 which to me is unacceptable, so I didn't get one. This is the skinnier layer at the top, quilted, white layer. It may have foam inside, or quilting material-not sure, but it's a much thinner layer. Not sure why to would have been so expensive. The air pockets and frame and pump all work fine. Contact them on their website. They need to know your phone number and email and where you purchased your bed so they can prorate your replacement parts correctly.

answered Jan 19 '19
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Beth from West Chester, PA
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