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Does the Restonic HealthRest Latex mattress contain fire retardants? Can I find out the VOC level of this model?

asked Aug 25 '15
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B from Ames, IA
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So, if they comply with regulations, either they have fire retardants manufactured by chemical companies, or they have natural fire retardants such as wool. Can you please clarify if this is an organic mattress or if it contains fire retardants that release VOCs? Or can you tell me the VOC levels for your mattresses? Other brands are more than willing to provide those, and I would appreciate transparency.

answered Sep 04 '15
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B from Ames, IA
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Hi there,

All of Restonic mattresses comply with all state and federal regulations regarding chemicals in manufacturing within the United States, including fire and flammability regulations. Restonic is a vigilant steward of a good night’s sleep and we require all of our component suppliers to be compliant as well.

If you'd like to send me your city, state and email address, I'll be happy to connect you with the factory in your area so you can learn more. Please email me at sweetdreams [at]restonic [dot] com.



answered Aug 31 '15
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Julia Rosien ♦
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