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In looking at mattresses, I've seen King and King Split options available. What is the difference? Is it only a difference in the box springs?

Does the answer vary by brand at all? If so, how is this term used by Restonic?

asked Dec 18 '13
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Dan T from Meridian, MS
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Hi Dan, A regular king set consists of two twin xl (38" x 80") boxsprings and one mattress (76" x 80"). A split king would have two twin xl mattresses...usually much more expensive. There are only a couple of reasons for getting a split king. The most common would be a delivery issue...not being able to fit a king mattress up the stairs. Also, there are religious reasons for having separate mattresses.

answered Dec 18 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Hi Dan,

A split King is just 2 twin extra long mattresses, side by side, making a King. A Cal King Split would be two pieces that when placed side by side constitute a Cal King.

No, it is universal to all brands.

answered Dec 18 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Hey Dan,

Great question! A split king mattress refers to either two identical mattresses placed side by side to make up one king sized mattress or a king size mattress that's split from the head lengthwise to about midway.

Split mattresses are used for adjustable bases. If one partner wants to sit up and read but the other wants to sleep, both can have what they want without disturbing the other one.

Hope that helps but let me know if I can answer anything else - happy to help! Julia

answered Dec 18 '13
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Julia Rosien ♦
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That's a very good question! A split king is really two twin extra long sets joined. The dimensions are the same as a king, but it's easier to move arounds it allows two people to have their own comfort level (for example soft or firm) across their half of the bed.

The only caution is to test how well the two sets can be fastened together so they don't drift apart while you're sleeping.

Sleep well!

Deb Customer Service Restonic Mattress Corporation

answered Dec 18 '13
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Deb Gory
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A split King is two Twin Extra Long 38' x 80" mattresses put side by side as opposed to one big, giant king size mattress which is 76" x 80". Most people use split kings with adjustable beds so their head and feet can go up individually to aid digestion, acid reflux, snoring and improve poor circulation also it's better for the heart.

Adjustable beds works best with mattresses that don't have coils or foam edge encasement. Our mattresses work well with adjustable beds. You can also customize each mattress to suite each individual sleeper so one person can have it firmer than the other person. Plus, you can change the feel of the mattress by moving the layers around yourself.

It is so much easier to handle a mattress in layers as opposed to a giant King sized mattress that doesn't have a zipper.

answered Dec 18 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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