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I have a TempaGel foam mattress that I love in most respects -- it has completely relieved my shoulder pain, for example. The only thing is I am not getting proper back support when I sleep in the middle of the bed, which gives me lower back pain. I can exchange it for another Restonic model so am looking for a Restonic model that has the same TempaGel comfort layers on top but has coils underneath rather than foam.

I see that many of the ComfortCare models have a spring core with gel memory foam on top. Does anyone have a recommendation of which Restonic model(s) would have the closest feel and pressure relief to a TempaGel model, but with a firmer coil-based support system?

I am in Dayton, OH.

asked Oct 22 '14
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S from Dayton, OH
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Thanks for asking such a great question. Restonic produces another line of mattresses that might be a better fit for your back issues. The line is called ComfortCare and it's been given multiple awards for customer satisfaction. It's a hybrid mattress with both innerspring (with our patented Marvelous Middle technology) and gel-infused foam. Not sure which retail store you bought your current mattress from but you might want to visit our Retailer Locator to test out one of our ComfortCare mattresses:

Hope this helps and that you're sleeping well soon! Julia Restonic Mattress Corp.

answered Oct 23 '14
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Julia Rosien ♦
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Thank you Julia! I see that the ComfortCare Signature models seem to have the TempaGel foam in them, so that sounds like it might be what I want.

The Tempa Gel model I have is Relax -- do you know of any ComfortCare Signature models that would have a similar comfort feel to that?

(Oct 23 '14) S S's gravatar image

Hi again,

I'm glad that you're looking at the ComfortCare Signature mattresses but I'd rather you visit one of our retailers and try them out for yourself. Everyone has different needs and as your back has already voiced displeasure, it might be best for you to listen closely to what feels good to it - rather than me :-)

This post might help you test drive mattresses more effectively:

Good luck and please let us know what you decide! Julia

(Oct 23 '14) Julia Rosien ♦ Julia Rosien's gravatar image

My wife and I just purchased the comfort care egel, it has coils a layer of foam and gel on top of that. Will be back after a month or so to give an update.....stay tuned

answered Apr 07 '15
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Dan from Bonney Lake, WA
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Apr 07 '15

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