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I need to purchase a full size mattress. I am overwhelmed by the choices and I am leery of sales pitches. I would like a Memory Foam mattress that is medium firm and built to last. The best mattress I ever purchased cost $150 and I gave it away! I would like to spend around $350. Can you offer any thoughts about what mattress would be a good choice for me?

asked Apr 09 '15
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Sheryl from Portland, OR
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Hi Sheryl,

Trying to keep your price under $350 will be difficult. Most well-made foam mattresses cost between $300-$400 to manufacture. As a result, their price point really starts around $600-$750. You certainly can find a mattress you like for $350, but there are certain risks you take in terms of quality and longevity at the price point.

That said, the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams 11" memory foam mattress might be a good option. It's slightly more than your budget at $399.

Hope this was helpful.


answered Apr 10 '15
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Derek H from Scottsdale, AZ
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Thank you. I'll look into the model you suggested.

answered Apr 10 '15
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Sheryl M from Hillsboro, OR
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