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We bought our mattress in 2007 and the memory foam pillow top has conformed to my husband's and my bodies and does not go back. I'm so disappointed with this mattress. It was pretty expensive. The store we bought it from has gone out of business and I cannot find my receipt. Do I have any chance of getting a new one through the warranty? I have pictures, tags etc. but not the receipt.

asked Jan 05 '15
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Diane from Camarillo, CA
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Hi Diane -- I'm afraid you have a tough road, however there is no harm in trying.

Almost all manufacturers require proof of purchase as part of making a warranty claim. The first reason for this is to ensure that the mattress was covered under warranty at the time of purchase. Floor models, for example, are not sold with warranty protection. The second reason for this is to establish the price you paid for the mattress, so you can be credited an appropriate amount against the value of a replacement mattress. Were the store you purchased from still around and able to provide verification of your purchase, that might be sufficient. But this doesn't seem to be the case here.

The other issue is that the Spring Air brand itself has gone through a bankruptcy restructuring since the time of your purchase. What this means to you is that the current owner of the Spring Air brand is not the same company that manufactured your mattress, and thus is not legally required to honor your warranty in the first place, even if all the paperwork were in order.

All that said, there is no harm in reaching out to them directly to see if they would be willing / able to honor the warranty under these circumstances. If so, the next step would be to inquire about:

  1. the terms of your warranty (if, for example, your model had a 10-year "pro-rated" warranty, then at this point you would be 8 years into that warranty and thus would only receive credit for the remaining 2 years (or 20%) of the price you paid for your mattress), and

  2. the process, and potential cost, for requesting a warranty inspection (in light of the fact that the retailer from which you purchased it is no longer in business)

answered Feb 18 '15
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