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My Simmons ComforPedic Phenom Luxury Plush mattress is 2.5 years old, and is sagging so much that it is uncomfortable to sleep on. Is rotating this mattress (not flipping) recommended?

asked Nov 15 '14
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Also, if you have a queen or king size, double check to make sure your bed frame has a center cross bar with at least 1 leg attached that extends to the floor. On occasion, lack of center support is the culprit behind sagging/softening. You will also want to check your boxspring for any bending/sagging at the center as well. Just a tip. Good luck. NN

answered Nov 18 '14
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Nick Noblit ♦
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We have a Simmons Comforpedic Luxury Plush. After a few years (at least three, maybe five?) it has persistent body intentations. My wife and I tend to sleep in the same basic locations and once that gets started, the indentations keep you there and it just gets worse. One persons "memory" and "contouring" is another persons lack of support and indentations. We used the frame and box springs that came with the mattress. The floor is padded carpet on a concrete slab, so the mattress could not be more solidly supported.

Definitely rotate the mattress 180 degrees. For me this improves my lower back posture but my hips end up in about the same place. But it's free and it helps.

I'm considering flipping it over and adding a comfort topper. (What do I have to lose?).

Note that sagging overall is not my experience. If your foundation for the mattress is not dead flat and evenly supportive, you don't have a mattress problem - you have a foundation problem.

answered Jan 20 '16
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David from Elizabethtown, PA
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Your mattress has memory foam on top and firm poly foam under it. The memory foam is where you problem lies. If you flip it over and add 2" of soft latex foam to that, you'll have all the surface comfort you'll want, and it will last a very long time.

answered Nov 16 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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<p>I disagree with the last comment. All though I am a huge fan of latex, and feel it is a very resilient foam, flipping the mattress over and adding a foam topper is not right. I have been servicing mattresses for a long time. The problem is just that the comfort layers are settling while the other areas that are not getting any useage are still fresh. Absolutely spin the mattress and also try to lay in some of the areas that don't get much use. How old is your mattress? Check your box spring too. If you notice your boxspring is dipping you should replace it. Simmons mattresses are individual pocketed coils and are going to take the shape of what is underneath it. So if your box or frame are incorrect your mattress will be to. Plus putting a topper on the other side of the bed will not feel the same since Simmons beauty rest coils hae tighter turns to the coil the closer it gets to the top. </p>
(Nov 16 '14) Drew Carchedi ♦ Drew Carchedi's gravatar image
<p>Disagree all you like, but many have followed that advice, and in doing so, have turned an uncomfortable mattress into a comfortable one....extending their purchase for another five years in most cases. It's a tried and true solution that has worked well for a long time.</p>
(Nov 16 '14) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image
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