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I have the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class Mount Laurel mattress. Is this mattress designed to be flipped?

asked Sep 27 '14
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Nope. It's non-flippable.

answered Oct 01 '14
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Blake Greer
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A Beautyrest uses a layer of polyethylene under the coils, covered with a muslin fabric. It is not made to be used as a two-sided mattress. For regular maintenance, you would rotate the mattress and not flip it. However, many people find themselves with a one sided mattress that has lost some of its comfort and support. Such people ask the same question in hopes of salvaging some measure of value from the money they spent on a mattress that didn't last very long. If this is your situation, then yes, you can make use of the underside. By itself, the underside is not comfortable, but it will provide firmer support. Add to that, a layer of soft all natural Talalay latex, and you will have a comfortable sleeping surface for the underside...and have it last a few more years.

answered Oct 12 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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