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How long is the warranty for the Corsicana Brigham Barton Pillowtop mattress?

asked May 31 '14
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Donna from Rockledge, FL
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That's a great question Donna. I found the Corsicana Brigham mattress online and it states that it has a 5 year warranty. I also found the Corsicana Barton mattress online and it also has a 5 year warranty. However, in the title of your question is asks what is the warranty for a Corsicana Baron mattress? The Corsicana Baron mattress supposedly has a 10 year warranty. All very confusing I know. Here is a simple way to see how long any Corsicana mattress is warrantied: If you look at the law tag on your mattress, there should be a warranty code followed by a letter. A = 5 year warranty, B = 10 year warranty, C = 15 year warranty. I hope this helps!!!

answered Jun 19 '14
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Brian Grable ♦
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