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So grateful for this site! Hope you can help me. I am sleeping on an antique, single bed. It has an open coil spring foundation - ie, you can see the actual bouncy coil frame - with an old mattress that I am about to change. Both are very uncomfortable due to age and my serious back issues.

Due to financial constraints, I have been advised to put a plywood board over the coil spring frame. But what I would like to know is this: when I can afford it, should I remove the coil spring for a box spring foundation?

Thanks for your helpful site.
Mary-Ann in Jamaica

asked Mar 04 '14
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Ordinarily, the answer would be yes, it should be replaced. If it is an iron bed, you will have to get a rabbeted foundation. It may also have to be a special height. If you can't find anyone who can make one for you, the plywood over the spring should make a huge difference as long as the spring is in reasonable shape and pretty uniform in support. I would cover the plywood with some kind of material though to protect the mattress. Make sure the plywood is thick enough so that it doesn't bow under your weight. Every antique bed is different and requires a unique approach. If the bed has sentimental value to you, is in good shape and you love it, then it is worth the investment.

answered Mar 06 '14
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Thanks so much for responding Martha. You are right- as an antique the bed's measurements are a little short of today's standards, so I am glad I used a tape measure before ordering. It is a wooden bed with the iron spring base. I really hate how bouncy the spring base makes the bed and though it looks in good condition, it does sink a lot when I lie down. What is a 'rabitted' foundation? Can I remove the entire spring foundation and replace with the slatted kind or just uses the thick ply, wrapped as you suggested? Will look out for your response and thanks again. Mary Ann

(Mar 06 '14) Mary-Ann Mary-Ann's gravatar image
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