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Do I really need to have a box spring to make a platform bed?

asked Jun 25 '13
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Hello -- We should start by clarifying that in most cases a "platform bed" is expressly designed for use with a mattress only (ie, without a box spring). This provides a more sleek appearance with a lower-profile, which some people prefer. So in answer to your question, a box spring is generally not needed -- at least from an aesthetic standpoint -- when using a platform bed.

That said, this does not address the issue of whether a box spring is needed to provide adequate support for your mattress, or whether a particular mattress will work well on a platform bed. With certain mattresses, using them without a box spring can void the warranty and/or lead to support or durability problems. See the links provided for more info about those considerations.

Hope that helps!

answered Jun 25 '13
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Hello and thank you for your question! Most platform beds do not require the box spring, and often with the box spring the mattress set would be much too high and would look awkward.

That being said it is important to have good support for your mattress. Please make sure that the Platform is made as a flat, stable surface. In the event that the platform bed requires additional support a "Bunkie Board" may be required. A Bunkie Board is an extra-thin 1.5" thick box spring that is made for bunk beds and platform beds to provide additional support.

If you would like to speak with someone about this in more detail please feel free to contact our service line at (888) 945-5949 with any questions you may have!

Thank you again for your question and have a wonderful day!

answered Jun 25 '13
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It also depends on the technology. Spring beds generally rely on the box spring for total system. Other tech, like foam or air, need only a solid surface, and platforms work well for these beds.

Sleep Well!

answered Sep 18 '13
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