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We wish to purchase a new mattress with extra firm support. We want an innerspring mattress that we can flip and turn, like in the "old days." We don't want compressive foams, pillowtops, nor gels or any soft stuff that will compress and get hot...however, the mattress should have some cushioning.

It makes sense to me that placing an innerspring mattress on a box spring will give the mattress more life, as it is less likely to "bottom out," as might occur if it's placed on a totally hard surface. Is a box spring the best foundation for an innerspring mattress? Or is there a new foundation out there that is better than the traditional box spring?

Is there any company out there that still makes simple, durable innerspring mattresses and box springs?? Do I have to have my mattress and box spring custom-made?

asked Feb 28 '14
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Susan from South Lake Tahoe, CA
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Hi Susan,

In response to many before you, who also wanted a high quality, durable two-sided mattress, we searched for and found the Therapedic people, who were willing to go along. In fact, they went as far as to allow me the job of engineering them. These mattresses are made to my specifications. They have been on the market for nearly 5 years and we have delivered them to every corner of the US. There are 4 models. The Cameo models are for people of average to above average weight. The Cameo "plush" is the only one of the four that is comfortable, besides being durable. The two Medi-Coil models were engineered to hold people who carry extraordinary body weight, with my heaviest customers topping 500 lbs.

Thanks, Pete

answered Feb 28 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Hi Susan,

You can go to this link @ to get a list of innerspring retailers in your area:

You may need to call a few places to find out if any sell the flippable kind. Some 2 sided mattresses have the box springs like you refer to with the springs inside. Some folks like to put plywood under their 2 sided mattress to make it firmer after some time, and that kind of modification makes it more like a foundation/platform. So if you want the firmer option, go with a foundation and not a box spring. Two-sided beds are slim pickings these days. If you don't have a lot of options in your area, there are online retailers that will ship you a mattress sight unseen. You would just need to know what comfort level you like the best before ordering.

answered Feb 28 '14
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your response. I agree that a mattress may initially feel firmer if placed on a hard foundation rather than a box spring....but my question still is: What foundation is better for the innerspring mattress in terms of durability and keeping it's shape. It seems obvious to me that if you put the innerspring mattress on a hard surface with no give that it will deform more readily than if you put it on a surface with some flexibility and a little give? Isn't this the simple distribution of forces?

It also seems like the mattress padding will be more inclined to deform to the sleeper's shape if you are unable to turn and flip the mattress on a regular schedule.

My impression is that it has become more economical for mattress manufacturers to pad only one side of the "no flip" mattress and put it on a hard box....instead of going to the expense of manufacturing a mattress with padding on both sides and building a box spring with flexibility.

Most of the big companies seem to all be going the way of no-flip mattresses, with all kinds of padding of the top, placed on a hard foundation. Not one of my friends who have recently bought a mattress is pleased with their purchase,,,,not one......pretty frustrating.

(Feb 28 '14) Susan Susan's gravatar image


We do, but a factory direct manufacturer may also have what you are looking for. A double sided mattress and an active coil box springs are hard to find. We coil our own. Good luck!

answered Feb 28 '14
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Martha Worley ♦
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