I'm looking at the Cheswick Manor mattress by Mattress Tech and cannot find any specs on it. Mattress Warehouse sells this brand. Has anyone ever heard of this brand before?

asked Feb 23 '14
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K from Upper Marlboro, MD
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It seems the manufacturer doesn't have a site on the web. Like Peter said, they should supply the specs to your retailer. It looks to me like they are a rather small company, in North Carolina. That can be good or bad. Small to me means they may be more customer oriented. But in today's economy may not have the financial resources that larger brands have.

Ask your retailer to provide the spec sheet for this bed.

Remember, pricing in mattresses is pretty competitive, so you can often tell the quality by the price. The old adage "you get what you pay for" normally applies.

Hope this helps.

Sleep Well!

answered Feb 24 '14
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Manufacturers supply specifications to their retailers for every mattress they carry.

answered Feb 24 '14
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I was wondering if K from Upper Marlboro MD ever found an answer. As of Mid Dec 2016 I started looking at the Chadwick Manor Mattress (Davenport) in a local showroom. I tried it out on the floor and found it extremely comfortable. I asked for the specs of the mattress from one of the sales people while I was there and didn't hear back. So I called once and left a message requesting the specs, stopped by once and left a message for the sales person to follow up with me on the specs. I recently went in for the third time trying to follow up few days ago and am waiting to hear back, Because I didn't hear back I start this search on-line and have found next to nothing about this mattress. I either have a bad sales person or am looking at a bad mattress. So I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the manufacture and their materials?

answered Jan 01
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J from Boonsboro, MD
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