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I am looking at the Sealy Memoryworks Carina Cushion Firm. How durable and comfortable is this mattress?

asked Dec 23 '13
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That specific mattress has 6" on top of 4.5lb memory foam. If you like a soft mattress, that one is going to sink in quite a bit. As for durability, Sealy is not famous for long lasting beds, as stated above, industry standard is about 5-7 years for major brand beds. But not all memory foam beds are created equally, and you can't generalize that they are all going to wear out quickly, as that is not the case. I have seen many quality foam beds last 12-15 years if properly maintained.

answered Dec 23 '13
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Comfort is subjective to the individual feel and needs. If you have back issues you might want to consider a cushion firm feel. You really need a mattress that has proper support and isn't going to break down over time or poison you while you sleep either. I don't know anything better than a mattress made from 100% all natural latex rubber. It is the most durable (they even make jet tires out of it) because 100% natural late rubber is impact resistant and low heat generation. Imagine jet tires made of memory foam? When it is hot out side tires would turn to mush because memory foam is temperature sensitive. Of course your mattress is inside but I am illustrating heat generation from your body and how it changes the feel of your mattress. Every time you roll over at night on a memory foam mattress it takes a few minutes for the memory foam to conform to your new body position. So the feel will change all night long.

100% all natural latex mattresses are not temperature sensitive materials but, they cost more initially because it is a labor intensive product to produce. It's tapped like maple syrup as the trees weep latex rubber that is collected in bowls before processing and shipping to the United States. But for the long run our mattresses cost less because you don't have to keep replacing mattresses that break down. We make mattresses the way they were made back in the 1950's because those mattresses last the longest. We just improved it by adding a zipper and 6 layers (3 on each side) of interchangeable latex rubber so each person can have their own sleep surface. That way comfort is covered. You can easily change the feel of the mattress by moving the layers around yourself. Imagine being able to unzip your mattress yourself and control the feel yourself with out having to blow anything up with a noisy air pump.

As far as durability, Memory Foam (which is polyurethane foam with more chemicals added to it) is designed to last 5 - 7 years. Which is probably fine since you can't unzip the mattress and it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Unlike natural latex, it has natural anti-microbial properties because that is the natural defense of the rubber trees that bugs don't attack it because it used to grow wild in the tropics. Now you can get rubber from organic rubber trees and rubber that doesn't have synthetics or bonding agents in it.

Memory foam is not as durable as a mattress made of 100% natural materials such as latex rubber, wool or cotton because the density of the polyurethane foam.

Natural fibers will last a very long time as long as they are in a encasement of some sort, the thicker the better and you want to keep fibers out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. But, who is going to keep their mattress outside in the sunlight? Direct sunlight can ruin any fibers, natural or synthetic over time.

The denser the product is the longer it typically last. You can't tell anything by the warranty, because the warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it and what kind of replacement or upgrade fees they can get for replacement if you don't like the mattress.

I hope this helps. If you would like more information please call us or visit our website. Mountain Air Organic Beds dot Com. 479-966-2262 We are running end of the year specials!

answered Dec 23 '13
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