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In a mattress that combines latex with polyurethane foam, what is the typical ratio between latex and polyurethane?

I just had a latex / polyurethane mattress delivered tonight. I liked the idea of natural Talalay latex on top for comfort and a chemical-free barrier. However, when I read the mattress tag it said the mattress contains only 5% Talalay latex and 95% bonded polyurethane! Is this normal?

There were a lot of brands I was looking at, but I wanted to stay around $3,000 for a king-size and wanted to buy locally to avoid some of the return nightmares I've heard about from online purchases.

asked Dec 18 '13
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Diana M from Marietta, GA
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Typically on that type of mattress you see a 2" to 3" layer of latex with a 6" to 8" base. However, of course, it can be different from brand to brand. Sounds like you have only 1" of latex.

While there are lots of natural and organic mattresses out there, might I suggest the Quail from my store. It has 9" of pure natural latex, organic cotton and organic wool for the fire barrier, right at 3k with free shipping, no tax to ship it to you from out of California.

answered Dec 18 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Diana, sounds a little expensive for what I call a latex touch design but this is very common in today's world. Hopefully the store where you bought it can clarify. As stated above the norm would be in the 2" to 3" range. In my opinion you should have been able to find solid latex in the 2000-3000 range no problem from a factory direct operation..With that said if it sleeps well and you are O.K. with price, sleep well and forget about it.

answered Dec 19 '13
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Rick C from Deland, FL
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Hi Diana:

What is really important - do you love your new mattress? Is it comfortable and does it fit your body.

It's hard to buy a mattress on-line for the sheer fact you can't try the mattress before you buy it and if it is not the right one for you it is a hassle to send it back not to mention costly. If you love your mattress then don't worry if it has polyurethane foam. If you are worried then put your mattress in an organic allergy encasement and use an organic mattress pad and sheets.

Next time, look on-line for 100% natural plant based latex mattresses or inner-spring and cotton/wool/latex mattresses from organic mattress manufacturers and see if they have a store that carries the mattress in your area.

Many customers I see in my store found me by looking at the manufacturer (such as SavvyRest or Natures Embrace) and put their zip code in to see who carries their mattresses in their area.

I hope this helps and good luck with you new mattress.

Lillian Fisher

answered Dec 19 '13
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Lillian Fisher ♦
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You got sold a synthetic mattress with a polyurethane foam base for the same price you could have bought a real 100% all natural latex without the use of chemical flame retardants and no polyurethane foam.

Natural latex vs 100% all natural latex. There is a difference.

Many sales people will call their latex, "Natural" latex is not 100% all natural latex. "Natural latex" they refer to is stryene butadine rubber which if you look it up you will find is toxic to the lungs, liver and brain. Did you know 85% of all polyurethane foam recently tested by Silent Springs Institute, contain a chemical flame retardant called Chlorinated Tris, that has been banned for over 35 years in children's sleep wear because it contains chemicals that are neurotoxins, known carcinogens, can effect fertility and hormone disrupters. Dr. Oz even talked about the dangers of polyurethane foam yesterday.

We sell the real thing for less than what many people pay in regular mattress stores. I understand not wanting to buy from a online retailer because many of them don't even have a store. I would avoid them too!

We are different, we have a store and we are held accountable for the quality, comfort and purity of our product. Our mattress is customizable and more supportative than other latex mattresses that feel more like foam and bottom out.

When your mattress breaks down in 5 - 7 years or when you get tired of smelling the toxins. I hope you decide to come over to our side of the street and get a mattress that last decades without poisoning you while you sleep either.

100% all natural latex rubber doesn't allow chemical flame retardants or synthetic blend. Organic rubber comes from organic rubber trees, tapped like maple syrup. One has make sure they are getting 100% all natural if you don't want blended synthetic.

Our web-site is Mountain Air Organic Beds dot Com.


answered Dec 19 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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Dec 19 '13

WOW, online people sure do get EXCITED! Let's look at Joyce's answer...she said 100% natural is not 100% natural? BUT, hers is?? Peter not knowing what she bought can call it JUNK..really...?

(Dec 19 '13) Rick C Rick C's gravatar image

I did not say 100% natural is not 100% all natural. You should read my words more carefully. Let me clarify, Retailers are allowed to call their latex "Natural" latex even though it is a synthetic blend -- even if it has as little as 5% natural latex it, the rest is a toxic soup of chemicals. Just as labeling "Natural vs Organic" means food producers can call something "Natural" which allows pesticides and herbicides. The same goes for latex.

(Dec 19 '13) Joyce Walker... ♦ Joyce Walker Robertson's gravatar image

Rick, you should direct your response to the customer only.

5% latex, 95% poly foam is nothing but junk. If you don't know that, you shouldn't be here.

(Dec 19 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

Woooa! I DO know that! That wasn't what I orderd with a core of poly and 5 inches of Natural latex on top. They did deliver the correct bed today.
BUT Pure Latex Bliss DOES have a 9" mattress that is 95% poly! Sometimes you don't know the "Legal disclosure stuff" until you get your mattress with the tag on it required by law. What Mattress companies are allowed to say promotionally in most states compared to what's on the "law tag" is sometimes outrageously different.

(Dec 20 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image

Hi, I actually sleep on a poly/latex combo mattress. I just like the way it feels. It has 6" of polyurethane plus 3" of medium latex encased in an organic over. It's not organic…I just like the way it feels. That being said, the mattress you're describing simply doesn't sound like a good value. Not much latex for the money, and that's where the bulk of the expense should be. It just sounds as if it's just too light on the latex content. Polyurethane foam is pretty cheap, so there are better values out there, with more high quality components for the money. Oh, I saw you got a different model…that makes more sense!!

answered Dec 21 '13
Karen Woods's gravatar image
Karen Woods ♦
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Yes, I checked around a lot and the price for what I wound up getting was average...not great, but not bad. I probably will get another 3" comfrort layer added on top but it will still be less that exchanging for the next level up, which I could do with the comfort guarantee, but of course, would have to pay the difference for the upgrade.

(Dec 29 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image

It's funny. I have an on-line store, from which we sell 100% all latex mattresses. We have no hybrids. You bought from a local store thinking you'd do better and instead, got ripped off. What's funny is that you could have read that label on the floor sample and known before you bought that what you were about to buy was junk and saved yourself the anxiety you have now...but didn't. So much for the safety of a brick and mortar store.

answered Dec 19 '13
Peter Cancelli's gravatar image
Peter Cancelli ♦
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There WERE more online options. I was nervous about incurring more cost if I had problems (like the one I just had with a local company that was switched out in 48 hours with no extra cost incurred), or just didn't like it. In every store I went to, I typically only likes 1 out of 3 mattresses I tried, and there were always 1-2 out of 6 or so that were MUCH more preferred than the rest. How do you know if you can't test it out? I refuse to pay shipping costs with nothing to show for it.
Also, I also wanted to keep my total cost after any fees or tax under $3000, and at $2700 for this 11" mattress with 5" of 100% "real" latex (it's insane you have to be so clear about that) on top, I was able to accomplish that goal.

(Dec 20 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image

Even though I researched for days before going into the store it did not occur to me that there was a tag on the floor model and you can be sure that information is not offered, because I did ask about the fire retardant and he looked it up online....he did NOT go look at a tag on the mattress. That's a good tip for those who haven't purchased yet.

(Dec 20 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image

Mattress salespeople often do not have a clue as to what kind of chemical flame retardant's and other chemicals it take to make the mattresses they are selling. What is also not required by law to disclose is what the manufacturer puts in the mattress and the harmful effects many of these chemicals have. The chemical company that supplied it and the manufacturer are not required by law to disclose it. California requires some testing for labeling but other states none is required at all before putting it out in the market.

(Dec 21 '13) Joyce Walker... ♦ Joyce Walker Robertson's gravatar image

At least Pure Bliss is Oeko Tex certified so they don't have to be organic but you have to know what the retardant is and at least Oeko Tex thinks it's safe. In the case of Pure Bliss, they use Rayon (synthetic, but safe), and Silica (they all say think sand; the way it's produced for fabrics I'm not crazy about and is not really "green" but still it's safe compared to many other alternatives).

(Dec 21 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image

BTW, I got my correct mattress delivered last night. The Vitality law tag says 41% latex and 59% bonded Poly (in the core). So the correct mattress was the percentage I was expecting at least. MUCH plusher, though still a little harder than what was in the store. The store manager said a tip is to walk on your mattress to help break it in quicker.

(Dec 21 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image

You mean you can't unzip the mattress and change the feel of it yourself or for your partner? Then they told you to walk on it because you found it uncomfortable? Wow! Did you know the latex is a synthetic blend? How expensive was it? Thank you for the update. Maybe your body will get used to it, if not, please give us a call at 479-966-2262 Take Care - Joyce

(Dec 21 '13) Joyce Walker... ♦ Joyce Walker Robertson's gravatar image

Walking on the mattress constitutes abuse under the terms of the warranty. Be careful what advice you follow. A great many store salespeople are very new at this. The large chain store, in particular, have a tremendous turnover in personnel.

(Dec 21 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

Other sources, like mattressunderground, agree there's a "breaking in" period for latex. 2-4 weeks. A post on that site also mentioned SHE walked gently on her mattress to hasten the break-in period and it worked.
If I need further plushness I will look into a 100% natural, real, non-synthetic, non-blended (LOL) 3" topper. Probably not PLB; their prices are too high and it's much easier to order a topper online in King for under $450, though the average is $475 up to infinity, it seems.

(Dec 21 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image
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