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Is there a mattress that contains no foam of any type? I am tired of hot spots in my mattress.

asked Nov 14 '13
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Good question. Let me try to shed some light.

First, everyone is different, so it stands to reason that everyone will experience things a tad differently. Not all foams are created equal, typically the denser the foam, the more heat complaints. For example, foams like Tempur tend to be in the 5lb range, meaning more material per sq inch. 3lb foams have less material, more air space. The less dense foams tend to allow more air flow, more air flow is less heat.

If you have foam on a piece of plywood or a non-breathable base, you will get more heat, less air flow, than a breathable box spring or slats. Also, the material covering the bed will influence heat as well.

Now, latex foam sleeps cooler than memory foams or poly foams, and you tend to see more cotton and wool materials as opposed to man-made materials for the coverings. Cotton and wool wick moisture from your body, and you get a cooler sleep environment.

You could go cotton futon or wool bed, both contain no foams, but tend to be very firm. There are companies that make a coil with wool mattress, and that again tends to be very firm.

It sounds to me like you are just trying to get some comfortable sleep. I highly recommend you check out a zoned latex mattress. These are breathable and supportive. I make some in my store at Nest Bedding, however, there are many companies that do as well, just search for latex mattress. Organic or natural ones tend to use the most natural materials, and these will breathe the best.

Also, I would ask if you are sleeping with a polyester filled comforter or down and feather comforter. These tend to trap heat and exacerbate the issue.

Good luck!

answered Nov 14 '13
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I think you should look at McRoskey Mattress. They make excellent spring only padded with cotton/wool.

We had a customer whose partner loved our memory foam beds but made him too hot. So they cut the bed in half and got the other half from McRoskey. I think you'll find that their beds that don't use foam in them will work for you.

answered Nov 15 '13
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