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I've been looking at buying a bed that I really like from a local furniture store but I'm wondering if it would be advantageous of me to look at a place like Nebraska Furniture Mart for the mattress and box spring? Are there advantages to buying the entire set from a store or would I save more purchasing from multiple locations? I'm thinking about going in within the next couple of weeks so I was hopeful to get some advice first. :) This is where I'm looking: Orman's 3Day furniture store in Overland Park, KS.

asked May 16 '12
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Holli A from Independence, MO
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Jan 21 '13

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GoodBed Help ♦♦

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Not knowing the reputation of either place I'll just give you my two cents worth in general. It does not hurt to get second opinions. This not only gives you a chance to compare mattresses for quality, price and (most important ) comfort but you get to compare different retailers and their "style". Do you like the way they do business? Are you comfortable with their methods ? Is their reputation good with those people you trust? Beyond shopping for price these are some thing to consider.

answered May 16 '12
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Thanks for the input Earnest. :)

(May 16 '12) Holli A Holli A's gravatar image

The quality of any particular mattress is the same at every store. The incentive for buying anywhere is price and service. When buying more than one item being delivered to the same address, there's usually a price break available. Regardless, you should shop around before buying anything.

answered May 19 '12
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