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What materials or chemicals are used as a fire retardant in the Five Star brand of mattresses? We are particularly interested in the Five Star Moss Creek model.

asked Nov 14 '13
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If you are looking for a bed with out fire retardants, you could do one of 2 things that I know of. You can ask the manufacturer if a doctor's note will suffice in eliminating the need to put fire retardants in. Not all manufacturers will do this. The other option would be to purchase an organic mattress.

answered Nov 14 '13
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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Most of the major brands will use whatever is the cheapest, and that means chemicals. There are no chemicals that can suppress fire and be healthy for your body. Some companies use hydrated silica which is about the safest that isn't wool, while some companies will use Kevlar, but that is on more expensive mattresses. Likely yours is produced with the cheap chemical blend from your friends at Dow Chemical. If you want to avoid chemicals, Jeff brought up one way, a doctor's note. Most organic or natural mattress companies are more forthcoming about what they use. Hope this helps. Just as a point of reference: if the salesperson at the store can't answer your question, its likely they were not told by the manufacturer, which doesn't usually bode well.

answered Nov 14 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Joe is correct re: salesperson knowledge of flame retardant. Manufacturers, in general, do not release such information, and since the flame retardant is less than 1% of the total product, it does not need to be on the law label. As far as kevlar, it too may have some problems. It is in firefighter's protective gear and tires are made with it…probably not the healthiest solution for consumers! In fact, there's a lawsuit in CA regarding exposure to kevlar or aramid fiber.

answered Nov 15 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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