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Is any special frame required for a Tempflow mattress, or can we use the same one we use for our innerspring mattress?

asked Oct 27 '13
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I think Kevin's answer is directed at the boxspring/foundation. If you are referring to the bedframe underneath the mattress set, you'll need to check to be certain it has center legs.

Queen and King beds will need center support. If you have the center support already, that should be okay. If there is no center legs, the mattress will definitely bow in the center over time. King sizes require more legs than just 1 as well.

answered Oct 28 '13
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Thank you for your question!

Generally speaking you want to provide a flat unyielding surface for your mattress. So, as long as your old box spring is flat, strong, and does not have an impression it will work with your TempFlow Product.

However, older box springs eventually break down and end up having a dip to them. Even a 1/2" impression in a box spring will translate to the mattress, so it is best to purchase a new box spring or foundation/platform bed to ensure logevity for your new mattress.

That being said, you can measure your box spring with a level to make sure it is flat and unyielding. If the box spring is still in good condition it should be good with your new Tempflow mattress.

Finally, in the event that your box spring does break down and affects your new mattress this may void your warranty.

Have a great day!

answered Oct 28 '13
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Oct 28 '13

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