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Is the Serta Brunswick a good mattress?

asked Oct 20 '13
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Serta is a good company. They will put forth the best quality at the price they want to sell it for. That being said, this mattress is discounted at a major retailer for $399, that indicates it is just a typical lower end mattress (some would call this "good" in the good, better, best theme). It will probably last the average size consumer 7 to 10 years. My question is: have you visited a store and laid on the mattress? If you have, how long were you on it? If you haven't, go to a retailer selling this brand and lay on it for a minimum of 15 minutes. Lay in your preferred sleeping position, and any secondary positions. Evaluate the support. Note where you feel pressure, on your hips? Shoulders? Do you feel it in the small of your back or side? A mattress is personal, no one can truthfully recommend one that will be best for you. If there is minimal pressure as you lay on it, and you do not feel like it is pushing into your back, it will offer you a good night's sleep.

Hope this helps....Sleep Well!

answered Oct 21 '13
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