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I have a queen size latex mattress that I bought in August of 2010, and it is starting to get lumpy. It's on an adjustable base with no springs. What can I do? Thank you.

asked Oct 03 '13
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Butch G from Middletown, CT
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It's important to know exactly what you have. There are many mattresses that are sold as "Latex" that are only part latex. These tend to do what yours is doing. An all latex mattress almost never has that problem. 1) Call your retailer and have them initiate a warranty claim. 2) Rotate and/or flip the mattress. Many one sided mattresses are usable and firmer on the underside. There is a white "Law" label sewn I to the back seam of the mattress. It will tell you, by percentage, what materials are inside that mattress. I'm willing to bet that it isn't 100% latex.

answered Oct 03 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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An adjustable bed base is hard on a mattress. When you have the head up, your body weight shifts to where the mattress bends. Mattresses will wear at that point first. Poly foam and memory foam don't hold up well under the stress.

(Oct 03 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image


When moving mattresses around, sometimes foam layers can move slightly underneath the cover. Lay it flat and see if it's uneven/bunching in spots. You can grab the layers and gently lift them, pull them to even the space. It could be that the adhesive is not keeping them in place.

If you are experiencing sagging, then you can always contact your manufacturer to get the warranty information. You may be able to get some coverage. Most latex foam mattresses have a warranty for sags 3/4" or more.

answered Oct 03 '13
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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The first step is contact the store where you purchased the product and report your concern. They may have some information for you. Mattresses placed upon adjustable power foundations can tend to bunch up just a bit, but whether or not this is a defect would be determined by a qualified inspector. Some latex beds contain a polyurethane core with a little latex on top. If that is your type of mattress, any bunching might be from a top latex layer shifting. If your latex bed has a polyurethane quilt panel on top, that could be shifting as well. If your product is all latex (usually 2-3 layers), perhaps the top layers have moved slightly. There are quite a few ways latex beds are built, so without more infromation I'd start with your local retailer

answered Oct 03 '13
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Jeff Scheuer ♦
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Oct 03 '13

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