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Is there a weight limit for couples sleeping in one of the Englander Dreamer collection beds? If there are two people weighing over 300 lbs, can the Echelon mattress support the weight over time?

asked May 19
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The Echelon features1057 fabric-wrapped coils and more than 1,386 seventeen-gauge Englander Cooling Coils. Both of these innerspring units are made from durable recycled steel and, once formed into coils, we temper the wire to ensure they will keep their shape and maintain their structure. Also, this model features durable 100% natural Talalay latex, widely considered one of the most durable types of foams. All of this premium material means this mattress likely has the ability to support 600+ pounds. However, this model is a fairly lofted mattress which means there are transitional foam layers that could lose height over time. We believe the Echelon Firm would perform a bit better than the plush.

answered May 25
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