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I purchased the Englander Rest by Design Wisteria full sized mattress and box spring. When I tried it out in the store, the mattress seemed heavy to lift. When it was delivered, it is so light to lift up. The only tag on the mattress is on the underside, and it lists the percentages of the mattress' makeup. Nowhere does it have the words gel or anything like it. It says polyurethane foam, viscoelastic polyurethane, and blended fiber batting. What the heck is that? I want to make sure I got the right bed. The product number is WIS.M10026.46. Is this correct?

asked Jun 14 '14
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Hello, My name is Drew, I am a GM at a Sleep Shop in the Youngstown Ohio area (Sleepy Hollow). I am going to attempt to offer some advice. First off it is a great thing that you have your model number from the back of the bed or law tag. I don't sell Englander, so I wouldn't be able to find out directly on the model number. What you found with the ingredients so to speak and numbers listed is indeed a law tag. Don't get spooked on the big names, its just the industrial name on saying what type of foam they put in it. But with that law tag you can go back to the store and match it up. (I have had customers do that with us) Not so much because of heaviness/ weight, but more so floor models tend to feel more broken in than the brand new one that just came in. Now back to the situation at hand. I really hope it wouldn't be the case that someone was to pull a switch-a-roo. It could be an honest mistake. That would be a bad mark on the industry if companies did that on purpose. However, it doesn't seem right that there should be a significant difference in weight. Just curious, have you called the company you have bought it from yet? (you didn't say where you are writing from.)

Main point of advice -- I really think you need to call and see if you can match up the numbers.

Hope this was some help! Sorry for the late response.

answered Jun 18 '14
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