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Sleepys Classic Mattresses Overview

Last updated on June 22, 2022

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We check out the Sleepys Classic line of four affordable mattresses.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the current Sleepys Classic mattresses available at Mattress Firm.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Sleepys Classic Mattresses Overview video.

Sleepys Classic Mattresses

You might remember the Sleepys name as a nationwide chain of mattress stores. Mattress Firm acquired the Sleepys chain back in 2016, and now Sleepys has become a brand of mattresses sold at Mattress Firm.

Three of the four mattresses in the Sleepys Classic Collection are innerspring mattresses, made with a support base of connected coils. You'll see this type of coil typically in budget mattresses, where all the mattress coils are connected to each other (as opposed to isolated in fabric pockets). That's not necessarily bad; connected-coil mattresses have a traditional, bouncy feel that many prefer. The downside is that motion isolation is typically not as good as with pocketed coils, so if you are sensitive to another person's movements on the bed, connected coil mattresses might not be the best choice for you.

The fourth mattress in the collection is an all-foam bed, which substitutes a foam block for the connected coils.

Price is the biggest factor these mattresses have in common, starting at about $250 for a queen-size bed. When compared to similarly priced mattresses sold at large online retailers, we do think the Sleepys versions offer a lot for the money, with more higher end features than you'll find from those no-name mattresses you may see at big online stores.

Sleepys Classic Model
Mattress Height MSRP (Queen)
Basic Firm 8.25" $249
Rest Firm 9.5" $399
Calm Euro Top 9" $699
Relax Pillow Top 10.5" $849
Sleepys Classic Innerspring Cutaway

Sleepys Basic Firm

The base model in the Sleepys Classic collection is aptly named the "Basic: and it's exactly that. The mattress is 8.25" tall, and it features a connected coil support unit under about 2.5" of polyurethane comfort foam.

The coils unit has 440 coils in a queen size. That's about half as many compared to higher end, more expensive mattresses. On the plus side, this type of mattress might be a good choice for stomach sleepers who need firm support all across the surface of the mattress.

This mattress is indeed firm -- we would classify it as a Firm on our scale as well. With a tightly woven damask cover, there's both surface firmness and shallow cushioning. This is not a mattress that you sink into; rather, you'll get more of a floating-on-top feeling.

Sleepys Classic Basic Firm

Sleepys Rest Firm

The Rest Firm is a 9.5" innerspring mattress, and like the Basic, it employs a connected coils support unit. However, it has more coils, which generally can mean better durability. There are 460 coils in a queen size Rest Firm mattress. Another upgrade is a foam border all the way around the bed serving as edge support. That's a feature we don't often see on a bed that sells for less than $400 (queen size).

The Rest Firm has a softer knit cover fabric, which is a little more breathable compared to the cover on the Basic.

This is indeed a firm mattress; on our scale, we would classify is as an Extra Firm, with very shallow cushioning. Like the Basic, you really don't sink in very much on this bed, instead getting that floating-on-top feeling.

Sleepys Classic Rest Firm Edge Support

Sleepys Calm Euro Top

The next mattress in the collection, the Calm Euro Top is a 9" bed. But instead of innersprings for support, this bed uses a block of polyurethane foam. If you are concerned about motion transfer, this all-foam bed may be a better choice than the innerspring beds in the Sleepys Classic collection.

On top of the foam support, there's about 3" of softer comfort foam along with a soft knit cover.

The Calm Euro Top also include a bit of memory foam, a 1/2" sheet situated in the central third of the mattress, under where your hips will be. This is meant to give a little extra support and pressure relief under the heaviest part of your body.

On our scale, we found the Sleepys Calm Euro Top has a Medium Firm softness. You also sink into the mattress more than you do on the Basic or the Rest mattresses, but you still have more of that floating sensation as opposed to sinking in deeply.

Sleepys Classic Calm Euro Top

Sleepys Relax Pillow Top

The highest end model in the Sleepys Classic collection is the 10.5" Relax Pillow Top. This model goes back to the connected coil support unit, and it has the highest coil count in the collection, 650 coils for a queen size model. It also has a foam edge-support border all the way around.

Overall, you get about 3.5" of comfort foams, along with a soft, billowy cover. On our softness scale, we call the Relax Pillow Top a Medium Soft. It's definitely the softest model in the collection, with much more cushioning and conformance. This mattress hugs your curves and lets you sink in more than the others in the Sleepys collection.

Sleepys Classic Relax Pillow Top

Other Factors

Delivery and Returns

  • Free standard delivery
  • Exchange or return with fees

These Sleepys mattresses are exclusively sold at Mattress Firm, and the retailer dictates the terms of delivery and returns. Currently, Mattress Firm offers free basic delivery to your door or garage. That means you will be responsible for moving the mattress into your home. Alternatively, you can pay extra for in-home delivery options.

Mattress Firm currently offers a 120-night sleep trial. If you aren't comfortable on your new mattress, you can exchange it for a different one minus a $100 shipping fee and a 10% restocking fee. If you decide you don't want the mattress at all, within the 120-night window, you may apply for a refund less a $100 shipping fee and 20% restocking fee.


  • Varies by model

Warranty information for each mattress is included on the mattress "Law Label" at the store, and vary depending on the model. Be sure to talk to your salesperson about warranty terms, and particularly about the body impression warranty, which will tell you how much of a permanent depression may form to be covered under warranty. 

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