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Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review

Last updated on January 7, 2021

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The Eight Sleep Pod is comprised of a foam mattress plus liquid cooling console unit. It's a game-changer.

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Note: The Eight Sleep Pod is a two-part mattress: The mattress itself plus a bedside console unit to provide liquid cooling/heating. They are sold together as the "Pod."

To watch rather than read, check out our video review of the Eight Sleep Pod.

Table of Contents

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Summary Overview of GoodBed's findings and conclusions about this product
Materials & Construction Mattress Type, Layers, Cover
Comfort & Feel Ratings Softness, Cushioning Depth, Memory Feel, Bounce
Back Support + Pressure Relief Ratings By sleeper weight and sleep position
Feature Ratings Motion Isolation, Temperature, Edge Support, Ease of Repositioning, Natural vs Chemicals, Adjustable Base Compatibility
Price, Value & Longevity Cost, Discounts, Durability, Overall Value
Other Factors to Consider Delivery, Returns, Warranty
Bottom Line Who is the best/worst match for this mattress?

Summary: Is the Eight Sleep Pod a Good Mattress?

The Eight Sleep Pod is more than a mattress: Rather it is a combo system of mattress plus electronically controlled liquid-cooling system. Intended to help those concerned about sleeping hot (as well as those who prefer a warm bed), it's an utterly unique solution that we were excited to review.

Taken alone, the mattress part of the equation isn't anything remarkable -- it's a fairly standard, four-layer polyurethane mattress. But the mattress cover, which includes a vinyl layer with water channels, along with the "Hub" which controls the system along with an app, is a game changer.

For those susceptible to sleeping hot, it's a miserable and frustrating problem: Overheating in bed can wake you up in sweaty pool, disturbing deep sleep patterns and leading to fatigue. Some people simply 'run hot' and have this issue. For others, it can be attributed to medications or to hormonal changes like the hot flashes women experience during menopause. A growing number of mattresses have passive features intended to help you feel a little cooler, such as the inclusion of gel or other conductors embedded in foam, or phase-change materials applied to the tops of foams and fabric. But none of these actively work to keep you cool.

The Pod comes with a bedside console unit about the size of a small paper shredder or humidifier. It's filled with distilled water and hydrogen peroxide, then connected to the mattress cover with a hose. The inner part of the cover is a vinyl sheet with a grid of small channels. The console unit pumps cold or warm water through the cover to bring the surface of the mattress to the temperature you've designated through the included app (for iOS or Android phones). You can program the temperature on the fly, or set up a schedule, and it can be adjusted between a low of 55 degrees and a high temp of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. And each side of the mattress can be adjusted individually, so each partner can set their own preferences.

In our tests, the system exceeded our expectations and was incredibly impactful. We set one side of the bed on the highest setting and one side on the lowest, and literally, half of our tester's body was super cold and half was hot. If you have concerns about sleeping hot or otherwise feel that a temperature-controlled bed would benefit you, the Eight Sleep Pod is worth serious consideration.

Aside from the temperature system, from a support and spinal alignment standpoint, we found the mattress to be a good fit especially for back and side sleepers of average weight. Spinal alignment for side sleepers was good, but pressure relief was not -- that's a downside of the rather rigid mattress cover in our view. It doesn't allow for much conformance, and the overall firmness of the cover negated the pressure-relieving softness of the foams below.

The Pod also performed well in our tests for motion isolation, ease of repositioning, and performed very well on our adjustable base. Edge support was a weaker area.

One question mark for us was longevity. With technology this new, it's simply hard to guess how long the electronics might last, and they come with a two-year warranty (the mattress itself carries a 10-year warranty).

Overall, we felt that the Eight Sleep Pod represents a real advance in sleep temperature, and if that is a priority for you, the Pod excels.

Read on for our detailed report, and be sure to check out the video to see this mattress in action as we put it through our tests.

Bottom Line: Who is the Best Match for an Eight Sleep Pod Mattress?

BEST if you:

  • Are concerned about sleeping hot
  • Are an average sized back or stomach sleeper
  • Are sensitive to a partner's movements
  • Intend to use your mattress on an adjustable base

NOT IDEAL if you:

  • Are a side sleeper with pressure relief needs
  • Are a heavier stomach sleeper
  • Need the best edge support
  • Prefer more of a hugged or cradled sensation
  • Want a mattress with some bounce

Comfort & Feel

These are the "preference-based characteristics" of a mattress. No classification here is better or worse – they are strictly a matter of your personal preference.

Softness Level - Medium Side
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)
4 Medium Firm
Cushioning Depth - Medium Side
(1=Shallowest, 9=Deepest)
5 Average
Memory Feel
(1=Least, 9=Most)
5 A little
(1=Least, 9=Most)
3 Very little bounce


Back Support (by Sleeper Type)

No mattress will provide equally good spinal alignment (a.k.a., back support) for every sleeper. Here's what to expect in terms of spinal alignment on this mattress – by sleeper weight and sleep position.

Weight Range Back Sleepers Side Sleepers Stomach Sleepers
Lighter <150 lb 9 8 9
Average 150 to 200 lb 9 8 8
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 8 7 7
Heavier >250 lb 8 7 6

Pressure Relief (by Sleeper Type)

The pressure relief offered by a mattress – especially important for side sleepers – will vary based on a sleeper's weight and body shape. Here's how we size up the pressure relief capabilities of this mattress.

Weight Range Typical Curves Extra Curvy
Lighter <150 lb 5 4
Average 150 to 200 lb 5 4
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 4 3
Heavier >250 lb 4 3

Other Features

These are the "priority-based characteristics" of a mattress. Ratings here indicate where this mattress has strengths or weaknesses – however the importance of these features will depend entirely on your personal priorities.

Motion Isolation
9 Very good
Stays 'Cool' 10 Exceptional
Edge Support 6 Pretty good
Ease of Repositioning 9 Excellent
Green Features 3 Fair
Adjustable Base Compatibility 9 Excellent
Overall Value 7 Good


Key Facts – Eight Sleep Pod

Mattress Type



Check today's prices


Free delivery to door

Return Policy

100-night trial, full refund


Mattress: 10 years Indentation coverage: 1"+

Cooling/heating system: 2 years

Country of Manufacture

United States (Mattress)

China (Electronics)


11 inches

Weight (Queen)

90 pounds (Mattress) +

40 pounds (Temp System)

Materials & Construction

What's in an Eight Sleep Pod Mattress?

Overall, we classify the Eight Sleep Pod mattress as an "All Foam" construction type. It is an 11″ thick mattress comprised of 4 layers. (It is also available in a 10" version.)

  • 2" Luracor foam (a synthetic latex alternative) in 2.5-lb. density
  • 2" polyurethane foam, 1.2-lb. density
  • 2" memory foam, 4-lb. density
  • 5" polyurethane support foam, 1.8-lb. density
The mattress part of the Pod system is of straightforward construction, made of four layers of foam. The top layer is a sort of latex alternative, meant to have some of the pressure-relieving qualities of latex. Under that is a 2" layer of memory foam sandwiched between layers of standard polyurethane foam.
Altogether, the foams make for a soft mattress. In fact, without the fairly rigid cover, we might classify this mattress a soft. But much of the softness is negated by the relative stiffness of the cover.
Note: The Pod is also available in a shorter 10" version which we did not test.


The cover of the Pod mattress is where you'll find the technology. There are actually sort of two covers. There's a standard mattress cover the secondary cooling/heating cover that zips on top. We'll talk more about how it works in the Temperature section below. From a feel standpoint, the top of the cover feels soft and stretchy.

We wondered if we would be able to feel the water channels underneath the top cover. We could feel them with our hands if we really prodded the top of the cover, but when laying on the bed, we did not notice them at all. We did notice a slight crinkly sound when we moved on the mattress, but we did not find it bothersome or loud.


Comfort & Feel

There are three aspects that make up our assessment of comfort and feel. We call these "preference-based characteristics" because no rating here is better or worse – rather, the attributes that are most desirable to you will be determined solely by your personal preferences. We apply the same classification standards to each mattress so you can more easily compare apples to apples.

Softness what’s this )

Keep in mind that what mattress companies call “firm” or “soft” is a purely a preference. All mattresses should be supportive and promote healthy spinal alignment. Whether a mattress is fluffy and squishy (what mattress companies call soft or plush), or less so (what companies call firm), is purely down to your personal needs and preferences.

The Pod mattress is made of pretty soft foam -- so soft that if we consider just the mattress without the cover, we'd call it a medium-soft, or even a soft. But the cover containing the water channels is very rigid -- so it adds a lot of firmness to the overall feel, so much that overall we will call the Pod a "Medium Frm" on our scale.

Not sure what softness is best for you? Take our Mattress Match Quiz and find out.

Softness Level
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)
4 Medium Firm


Cushioning Depth what’s this )

This refers to how deeply you sink into the mattress or feel cradled or hugged, versus a feeling of floating on top of the bed.

While the foam of the mattress is very soft, the cover is not. So while you are on your back or stomach, you sink into the mattress somewhat, but not too much. Overall we would call it about average among mattresses.

On your side, you notice the lack of conformance due to the rigidity of the cover. So this is not a mattress that's going to hug your curves.

Cushioning Depth
(1=Shallowest, 9=Deepest)
5 Average


Responsivenesswhat’s this )

Responsiveness refers to how quickly a mattress recovers its shape after being compressed. When you press your hand into the mattress, for instance, then remove it, does it take several seconds for the mattress to return to flat, or does it recover immediately?

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress does contain a couple of inches of memory foam, but you have to focus pretty hard to notice it. When our tester laid on the bed, he eventually noticed a little bit of that melting feeling that comes from memory foam, but not much.

All-foam mattresses typically absorb bounce, and we certainly noticed that here. There's some surface bounce owing to the more rigid cover, but when our tester dropped his weight on the bed, he noticed almost no bounce at all.

Memory Feel
(1=Least, 9=Most)
5 A little
(1=Least, 9=Most)
3 Very little bounce


Back Support & Pressure Relief

The two things that you should always be sure to get from your mattress are spinal alignment (commonly thought of as "back support") and pressure relief. Unfortunately, no mattress will deliver these two things equally well for all sleepers. In particular, spinal alignment and pressure relief capabilities will vary across sleepers with different weights, body shapes, and sleep positions. To help you determine how this mattress will perform for you, we break down our spinal alignment and pressure relief assessments by sleeper type.

In our evaluations, the Eight Sleep Pod performed much better for back and stomach sleeping than for side sleeping, particularly in terms of pressure relief.


Spinal Alignment

The key to good back support is maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep. This means that the mattress should hold your spine in roughly the same position it's in when you're standing. The ability of a given mattress to do this will generally depend on your weight, sleep position, and body shape.

Here is how we break down the spinal alignment of the Eight Pod mattress:

Weight Range Back Sleepers Side Sleepers Stomach Sleepers
Lighter <150 lb 9 8 9
Average 150 to 200 lb 9 8 8
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 8 7 7
Heavier >250 lb 8 7 6

Back Sleepers:

While our 200-lb. tester was on his back, he felt well supported by the Pod. His hips sunk into the mattress enough that the mattress pushed up into this lumbar area to create excellent support and a neutral spine. We felt that back sleepers in a wide range of sizes and weights would also experience very good spinal alignment on the Pod.

Side Sleepers:

From a spinal alignment perspective, we felt the Pod did a good job, particularly for average and lighter weight sleepers. For heavier sleepers, as we often do with all foam mattresses, we had some concerns that hips and shoulders might just keep sinking into the mattress, but still we thought spinal position while side sleeping would be at least good for most people. However, pressure relief is typically more important for side sleepers, and we had some concerns there.

Stomach Sleepers:

As with side sleepers, we thought most stomach sleepers of average weight or lighter would be well suited to the Pod mattress, though we had concerns for heavier stomach sleepers, whose hips might sink too much into the bed, creating arching in the spine.


Pressure Relief ( what's this )

When a mattress pushes back against your body with too much force in a concentrated area, the result can be pain, soreness, loss of circulation, excessive tossing, and other problems. In general, such "pressure points" are of greatest concern for side sleepers, since that's the position in which your body's weight is distributed over the smallest surface area. To find the right mattress for your needs, keep in mind that the pressure-relieving capabilities of any given mattress will vary depending on the sleeper. Factors like your weight and body shape (e.g., broader shoulders and/or hips) will determine how far you sink into the mattress, and the pressure relief offered by that mattress will vary widely at different depths.

Here's how we sized up the pressure relief of the Eight Sleep Pod mattress:

Weight Range Typical Curves Extra Curvy
Lighter <150 lb 5 4
Average 150 to 200 lb 5 4
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 4 3
Heavier >250 lb 4 3


For those with needs and concerns about pressure relief -- which would include most side sleepers -- we would not recommend the Pod. Though the mattress's foams are soft and on their own would likely provide good pressure relief, the rigid cover really inhibits whatever pressure relief the foams might provide.
However, the innovation of the Pod lies in its temperature regulation technology, and pressure relief is one of the trade-offs for that.


Other Features

Beyond the preference-based characteristics of comfort and feel, and the body matching for spinal alignment and pressure relief, a mattress will have a number of other attributes that can make it a better or worse choice for you. We call these "priority-based characteristics" because they are areas in which a mattress can be better or worse, but that will have differing amounts of importance to each sleeper. So, determining how much importance to give to these features will be entirely a matter of your own personal priorities. As always, we apply the same ratings standards to each mattress so you can more easily compare apples to apples.


Motion Isolation what’s this )

If you are easily disturbed by a partner changing positions or getting in and out of bed, motion isolation will be a priority for you. We test this in two ways. First, we place a bowling pin upright on a small piece of glass on one side of the bed. Then we drop a bowling ball, as well as the full weight of our tester, on to the other side of the bed. Observing what happens with the bowling pin gives us good clues as to how well this mattress isolates motion.

While the rigid cover does transfer a little motion (we observed a little movement of the bowling pin), the pin never fell, and never seemed like it would, despite repeated testing. If you don't want to feel movement on the other side of the mattress, we think motion isolation on the Pod mattress is excellent
Motion Isolation
9/10 Excellent


Temperature what’s this )

THE selling feature for the Eight Sleep Pod is its temperature features. It's really more of a 'system' that just a mattress, comprised of the mattress itself, the mattress cover, a console unit (Eight calls it the "Hub"), and the app, which lets you control the temperature. The thermal console is about the size of a small paper shredder or humidifier. It does make a small amount of noise; we did not find it disturbing or bothersome, and the connector hose is long enough that you can move the console further away from the mattress itself if you desire.

How it works

Under the soft top of the mattress cover is a vinyl layer that includes small channels -- as you can see in the photo below. The Hub unit pumps either cooled or heated water through these channels, allowing you to raise or lower the temperature of the mattress to a temperature range of 55 degrees to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The free app (iPhone or Android) allows you to set the temperature on the fly, or set up scheduling to raise and/or lower the temperature at bedtime, through the night, in the morning, etc. The system is dual-sided, so each person of a couple can set their own preferences (each person would have the app on their phone) for their side of the mattress.

The Hub will need to plug into a wall outlet, and it will need to be filled with distilled water and hydrogen peroxide (both available at any drugstore). The system will alert you when more water needs to be added. You'll need to connect the Hub and app through your home's WiFi network, and it's also compatible with home automation systems like Alexa.

Once set up, the Hub console unit takes over, pumping warn or cool water through the mattress's vinyl layer to created your desired temperature.

Is it effective?

You bet it is. Sleeping hot is a big concern for some people, and even if you don't have a history of sleeping hot, there are good reasons you might want to control the temperature of your mattress, whether for simple comfort preferences or a therapeutic benefit. In this respect, the Pod can function as both a cooling pad and a heating pad.

Usually when we talk about how cool a mattress feels, we talk about passive features (how deeply you sink, how dense the foams are) and features added by manufacturers like gel, charcoal, or phase change material intended to help draw heat from the body. But the Eight Sleep Pod is simply a game changer, in a completely different class.

With the app, we set one side of the bed on its lowest setting (55 degrees) and the other side on its highest setting (110 degrees) and sat in the middle of the mattress. Literally one side of our tester was super cold and the other was super hot.

If sleeping hot is something that's effected you in the past, or if sleeping cooler is important to you for health benefits (most experts say the idea sleep temperature is around 65 degrees), then the Pod lets you dial that in very precisely.

And we can see benefits to the warmer settings too. In our testing, we enjoyed setting the temperature just a bit warmer to take the 'chill' off the bed in winter. But at higher temperatures, the mattress can work like a whole-body heating pad, which might feel good if you have fatigue or aches and pains that benefit from the application of heat.

The solution that Eight Sleep has come up with simply as far more impact, and more sustained impact, that any other temperature-regulating scheme we have seen.

Temperature Rating 10/10 Exceptional


Pod App and Sleep Tracking

The functions of the Hub are controlled via your phone with a free app from Eight Sleep. You can of course control the bed's temperature, but you can also set up scheduling, having the Hub change the temperature throughout the night if you prefer. There's even a quiz that can help you decide what your optimal temperature setting might be.

For couples, each person would download the app on their own phone and have their own set of controls.

The cover and app also function as a sleep tracker, with data about your sleeping habits and tendencies. It can play sounds to help you sleep, and provide all sort of other sleep-related information.

We found the app easy to use and intuitive. The sleep tracking and informative features are part of an included membership called Eight Sleep Plus, free when you buy the Pod mattress.

Edge Support what’s this )

Edge support is important if you like to sit on the side of the bed, or if you tend to sleep along the edge. It wasn't the best with the Eight Pod. When sitting, you can see how the side collapses. Our testing didn't feel unstable, but the edge didn't have much sturdiness to it. When laying, our tester felt himself starting to lean off the bed, and it got worse the longer he laid on the edge and started to feel the memory foam 'melting' under his body.

Overall, we're sure the Eight Pod would be fine if you occasionally sit or lie on the edge, but it certainly was not the best.

Edge Support Rating 6 /10 Pretty good


Ease of Repositioning what’s this )

If you tend to move and change positions a lot over the course of a night, ease of repositioning will be a priority for you. We found the Eight Pod bed to really shine in this area. Our tester had no trouble at all moving around or rolling into another position.

Repositioning Rating 9 /10 Excellent


Green Features what’s this )

For mattress shoppers concerned with the use of natural materials, sustainable manufacturing practices or the like, we offer our subjective evaluation of any efforts taken by the company to make the mattress more green, healthy, or safe.

The manufacturer in no way claims that the Pod contains natural materials. The foams in the mattress are certified to the CertiPUR-US standard, which does ensure minimal offgassing and use of harmful chemicals, but frankly this is a certification obtained by almost every mattress these days. The mattress itself is manufactured in the United States while the Hub and the technology cover are made in China.
Green Rating 3 /10 Fair


Adjustable Base Compatibility what’s this )

We tested the Eight Sleep Pod on our standard adjustable base and it performed extremely well, with very good conformance to our base, and no annoying bunching of the cover. There was a little bit of lifting at the foot, but this is common with a new mattress, and we expect the mattress would relax over time.

Adjustable Base Use Rating 9 /10   Excellent


Price, Value & Longevity

How Much Does an Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Cost?

Prices shown are list prices. Remember that GoodBed keeps our site current with the best available discounts on all online mattresses, many of which are exclusive discounts for our readers.

Eight Sleep also offers discounts to military, first responders, and teachers.


What Are You Getting?

The Eight Sleep Pod is the most effective mattress solution we've seen for those who sleep hot. You're getting an 11" all-foam mattress, an electronic Hub console, a water cooled/heated mattress cover, and a sleep tracker/control app. Right now, it's entirely unique on the market.

How Long Will the Eight Pod Mattress Last?

This is a tough one. As for the mattress itself, the foams used in it are pretty standard polyurethane foams; we've seen better foams and we've seen worse, so our expectation for the mattress is pretty good -- around average -- in terms of longevity. The big question mark is the electronics. It's hard for anyone to say how long any Chinese-made electronic item will last, and even harder when the item is unique in the marketplace. Theoretically, the console and cover could be replaced if they fail before the mattress does, but that would be at extra cost if out of warranty.

Overall Value

If you're a person that's had trouble with sleeping hot, or someone that wants the sleep benefits of being able to cool your mattress to an optimal temperature, the Eight Sleep Pod sits in a unique position. While the mattress itself -- four layers of poly foam -- would not justify the price tag, the ability to exactly control your mattress's temperature is hard to put a price on. The Eight Pod delivers on its core value, so assuming that's a priority for you, we would certainly say the Pod is a good value.

Value Rating 7 /10 Good


Other Factors to Consider


  • Free delivery to the door

Eight Sleep includes free delivery, which is not unusual among its competitors. Delivery is by common carrier like FedEx, who will deliver the boxes to your door. Note that the system comes in two or three boxes; one for the mattress and others for the electronic parts.



  • 100-night trial period
  • Full refund within trial period

Eight Sleep offers buyers a 100-day trial period for the Pod, which includes return shipping should you choose to return it. See: Eight Sleep return policy


  • Warranty Length: 10 years for the mattress, 2 years for the technology
  • Indentation Coverage: 1” and above

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest complaints about any mattress from consumers regards body impressions—the inability of a mattress to spring back, eventually creating a low spot/sinkhole in the mattress. As such, mattress warranties all contain a term defining how big a sag or ‘body impression’ (measured when no one is on the mattress) is considered a defect, and thus covered under the warranty. The industry standard for foam mattresses is 3/4". Eight Sleep has chosen to cover indentations that meet or exceed 1” for the Pod. Practically speaking, that means any softening or sagging would need to be at least that deep before the warranty would offer you protection.

As for the technology portion of the mattress -- the Hub console unit, water-channel mattress cover, cables, etc. -- come with a two-year warranty. While we would never recommend buying or not buying a mattress based solely on the warranty, the shorter warranty on the innovative parts of the system are certainly something to be aware of.

See: Eight Sleep warranty information

Bottom Line: Is the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Right for You?

The Eight Sleep Pod was outstanding in terms of temperature regulation and technology. Based on our findings, here’s who we think is the best and worst match for a Pod mattress:

BEST if you:

  • Are concerned about sleeping hot
  • Are an average sized back or stomach sleeper
  • Are sensitive to a partner's movements
  • Intend to use your mattress on an adjustable base

NOT IDEAL if you:

  • Are a side sleeper with pressure relief needs
  • Are a heavier stomach sleeper
  • Need the best edge support
  • Prefer more of a hugged or cradled sensation
  • Want a mattress with some bounce

Is the Pod bed right for you? Take our Mattress Match Quiz to find mattresses that fit your needs, based on your preferences and price range.

Looking for more on the Eight Sleep mattress? Click here to visit their website at


Final Note

If you like the in-depth assessments and objective expertise that we provide in our reviews, please support our work by coming back to whenever you're ready to buy – purchasing through most links on this site provides us with a small referral fee that supports our work at no cost to you.

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