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Beautyrest Hybrid Mattresses Overview

Last updated on June 22, 2022

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We check out the Beautyrest Hybrid collection of mattresses available at Mattress Firm.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Beautyrest Hybrid collection of mattresses available at Mattress Firm.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Beautyrest Hybrid (Mattress Firm Models) Mattresses Overview video.

Beautyrest Hybrid Mattresses: Shared Features

The two Beautyrest Hybrid mattresses discussed here (available only at Mattress Firm) are made with foam and memory foam atop a pocketed-coil support unit and have a very traditional feel. (Note: There is an older Beautyrest Hybrid collection that has limited availability in other stores; see our report on those older Beautyrest Hybrid models.)

AirCool Gel Memory Foam

Both of the Hybrid mattresses feature Beautyrest's AirCool Gel Memory Foam as the top comfort layer. This is a pressure-relieving foam that is somewhat quicker responding compared to other memory foams. You do get some of that "melting into the bed" sensation, but not to the point where you feel you're in quicksand or stuck in a hole.

The gel infused into the foam is intended to help channel heat away from your body, helping you stay cooler longer.

Stretchy knit cover

The two Beautyrest Hybrid mattresses also share the same stretchy knit cover. We found it to be very soft, with a nice quilt pattern. Along the sides of the mattress you'll find gray side panels, matching those in the similar Beautyrest PressureSmart collection.

Pocketed coil unit

Both mattresses use the same 1,000-coil pocketed coil unit for support. Around the perimeter of the bed you'll find a solid foam border, which serves as edge support, handy if you like to sit or lay on the edge of the mattress.Beautyrest Hybrid

Beautyrest Hybrid Firm

The firm version of the Beautyrest Hybrid mattress is a 12.5" bed, with one inch of Beautyrest's AirCool Gel Memory Foam as the top comfort layer.

We found this particular memory foam to offer good pressure-relieving properties. It's a quick responding foam, so it springs back relatively quickly when you change positions or get off the bed, but it does give you a little bit of that slow, melting sensation we associate with memory foam.

Beautyrest calls this mattress a "Firm"; we often find that our own evaluations don't agree with the manufacturer softness rating, but in this case, we agree; it's also a Firm on our scale, though maybe on the softer side of Firm, verging on Medium Firm.

This isn't a mattress you sink deeply into. Rather, you get more of a "floating on top" sensation which will appeal to those who don't like a more hugged or cradled sensation (for that, check out the Plush version).

Beautyrest Hybrid

Beautyrest Hybrid Plush

The Plush version in the Beautyrest Hybrid collection at Mattress Firm is a 13.5" tall bed. It has twice as much of Beautyrest's AirCool Gel Memory Foam as the Firm version, for a total of 2".

That extra memory foam really makes a big difference. This is a much softer-feeling mattress, and you feel more hugged or cradled, sinking nicely into the bed without feeling you're in too deep of a sinkhole.

Both mattresses have a very traditional feel, but we really noticed the responsiveness of the springs on the Plush model. It feels very dynamic; you can feel the springs pushing back up against your body. This is a mattress that doesn't feel "dead" when you plop on it; rather, you get a nice bit of motion and bounce.

Beautyrest calls this mattress a Plush, and as we did with the Firm version, we think that's an apt description. We would call it a Medium Soft on our scale, even verging to soft.

Beautyrest Hybrid

Other Factors

Delivery and Returns

  • Free standard delivery
  • Exchange or return with fees

These Beautyrest Hybrid mattresses are sold at Mattress Firm, and the retailer dictates the terms of delivery and returns. Currently, Mattress Firm offers free basic delivery to your door or garage. That means you will be responsible for moving the mattress into your home. Alternatively, you can pay extra for in-home delivery options.

Mattress Firm currently offers a 120-night sleep trial. If you aren't comfortable on your new mattress, you can exchange it for a different one minus a $100 shipping fee and a 10% restocking fee. If you decide you don't want the mattress at all, within the 120-night window, you may apply for a refund less a $100 shipping fee and 20% restocking fee.


  • Varies by model

Warranty information for each mattress is included on the mattress "Law Label" at the store, and vary depending on the model. Be sure to talk to your salesperson about warranty terms, and particularly about the body impression warranty, which will tell you how much of a permanent depression may form to be covered under warranty. 

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