Queen Size Mattresses
The Most Popular Mattress Size

The queen-sized mattress is an excellent and highly popular choice for both individuals and couples.

The queen-size mattress offers a perfect compromise in terms of size, which has helped it become the most popular of the common mattress sizes in use today.  Queen beds are big enough to provide ample room for two adults to sleep comfortably but they also fit comfortably into most bedrooms -- a perfect combination in a society where people are becoming taller and homes are becoming larger.

Relative to a full-size bed, queen mattresses are 6 inches wider, as well as 5 inches longer.  Relative to a traditional king-size bed, the queen is the same length but 16 inches narrower.

A queen-sized mattress is generally priced only 5-10% higher than a full size, and typically costs 20-30% less than a king size. If you're upgrading from a full-sized bed, the extra money spent may be well worth the extra room in the bed, particularly if you or your partner are over 5'9" tall.

Queen-Size Mattress Dimensions

Standard Queen mattress dimensions are 60” wide x 80” long.  This is the same length as a king-sized bed, but 16 inches narrower.

California Queen size beds offer the width of an ordinary queen (60" wide) but the length of a California King (84" long).  This size is most common amongst hard-sided waterbeds, and is otherwise not commonly available.

Olympic Queen mattresses -- also known as "Expanded Queen" or "Super Queen" -- add 6 inches in additional width (making them 66" wide) but have the same length (80" long).  At one time, this size was promoted by Simmons Beautyrest in particular, but it is not commonly available any more.

Queen Split beds are designed for use with adjustable foundations, so that both sides of the bed can be raised and lowered independently.  A queen split adjustable bed is typically made up of two mattresses, each sized 80" long x 30” wide.  Alternatively, a queen split mattress may be split only in the top half while remaining connected in the bottom half, which prevents the crack in the middle of the bed from becoming too big -- in this case, each partner can raise and lower their head independently, but the foot of the bed is raised and lowered together.

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