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What does luxury firm mean?

asked Aug 25 '19
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Beverly G from Bethany, OK
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Hi there — Thanks for your question. The name “Luxury Firm” is a common nomenclature that has been adopted by mattress manufacturers. It typically represents an option that is in between Plush and Firm so can generally be thought of as synonymous with “Medium,” or in some cases firm support underneath with cushy softness on top. That said, it’s important to know that there is no common standard for mattress feel, so every manufacturer’s definition of what they consider to be “Firm,” “Plush,” or “Luxury Firm/Medium” will differ — in many cases, quite widely. As a result, we’d strongly recommend watching our review of any product before buying it in order to avoid surprises.

I hope that’s helpful.

answered Aug 25 '19
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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