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A friend bought a mattress a few years ago from Henry's Furniture in Orange Beach, AL. We stayed at their condo once and loved the mattress. I do not live in that area and have been unable to find the same mattress where I live. The only identifying mark I could find on it was a ribbon type label across one corner of the bottom that said "Savannah". Can anyone tell me who the manufacturer of that mattress is?

asked May 23 '13
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Hello -- Here are the mattresses we know of that contain the word "Savannah":

We're also aware of a Laura Ashley Savannah mattress (made by Comfort Solutions) and a Paula Deen Savannah Evening mattress (made by Serta).

Unfortunately, the only brand we have listed for Henry's Furniture is Sealy, who isn't the manufacturer for any of the models listed above. So, your best bet may be to call Henry's (334-974-5662) and ask them whether they've carried any of the above brands in the past.

Hope that helps you find what you're looking for!

answered Jul 01 '13
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