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I just contacted tuft and needle and they said their whole mattress is greenguard gold certified now. Do you know this to be true? and what exactly does that mean? thank you!

asked Aug 28 '17
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Christa A from Baltimore, MD
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Hi Christa -- Thanks for your question.

In terms of knowing this to be true, we have not independently verified this. In searching for any evidence of this on their website, I do find a blog post from earlier this year in which they mention incurring additional costs related to seeking new 3rd party safety certifications such as this one. The strange thing though is that I don't see any mention of it on their product page or FAQ pages. If they do still have this certification, this strikes me as very odd because certifications do cost money, so normally companies aren't at all shy about promoting the ones they have.

In terms of what this means, here is some information related to the Greenguard Gold certification vis-a-vis the CertiPUR-US certification that we discussed in our in-depth Tuft & Needle video mattress review. The bottom line is that these two certifications are slightly different in what they test, what they look for, and who does the testing. I wouldn't profess to be an expert in all the differences between them, but my understanding is that:

  • CertiPUR-US is a standard created by the foam industry that looks at individual foam components and imposes limits on harmful chemicals found in both the contents of the foam and in the off-gassing. More info on CertiPUR-US here:

  • Greenguard Gold is a standard administered by a division of Underwriter's Laboratory that looks at finished products and imposes limits on harmful chemicals found in the off-gassing of that product, but not in the contents of that product itself. The Gold level is the more stringent of the two certifications offered by Greenguard. More info on Greenguard Gold here:

In terms of which one is better, I'm not sure whether there's a clear objective answer to that. One of the advantages of CertiPUR is that it covers both the off-gassing and the actual contents of the foam. Some advantages of Greenguard are that the off-gassing tests include anything in the mattress that isn't foam (e.g., glue), and the standard is administered by a completely independent entity.

I hope that helps.

answered Aug 28 '17
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Aug 28 '17

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