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I am trying to figure out if this is a good bed for someone who experiences hip pain and also what the differences would be between this bed and the Novosbed.

asked Jun 07 '17
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. In general, hip pain tends to be a result of inadequate pressure relief from your mattress. Since memory foam is probably the best pressure-relieving material available, a memory foam mattress like Loom & Leaf would certainly tend to be a very good choice in that regard.

In terms of the differences between Loom & Leaf and Novosbed, they are both well-made memory foam mattresses containing high-density memory foam, so they each of them offers many of the same benefits. Also bear in mind that both of these brands are available in multiple softness levels, so I won't get into comparing softness.

All that being said, the biggest general difference is that the Loom & Leaf features a quilted cover (which are more commonly found on traditional innerspring mattresses) while the Novosbed has an unquilted stretch cover (which are more typical of most memory foam mattresses). Having a quilted top is not better or worse overall, but it does have a few effects on how you're likely to experience the mattress:

  • Allows more of your body's surface area to stay in contact with the air, which reduces the likelihood of overheating
  • Makes it a little easier to reposition (less likely to feel "stuck" in the mattress)
  • Makes the cushioning depth feel not quite as deep (providing more of a floating sensation, and less of a cradling sensation)
  • Mitigates a little bit of the pressure relief, though the pressure relief is still very good

Apart from these things, Loom & Leaf also has a bit better edge support and a few small green touches relative to the Novosbed. Meanwhile, Novosbed has a Comfort Plus option that allows you to get a free topper if the original model you select from them is slightly too firm or too soft.

Overall, both of these are very good choices and are very similar in the scheme of things. Of the two, the Novosbed is more similar to a classic memory foam mattress like a Tempur-Pedic, while the Loom & Leaf's more traditional quilted cover gives it a few slightly different characteristics.

Here are links to where you can learn more about each of these products:

I hope that helps.

answered Jun 07 '17
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