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Can you sleep on your side comfortably on the holland meadows firm? I like this mattress. I do not want one that is too soft. I thought all of his mattress are for side sleepers. I need help! thanks, Liz

asked Aug 09 '16
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Liz from Baton Rouge, LA
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Aug 09 '16

Hi Liz -- As mentioned in your earlier question, we generally don't recommend any firm mattress for a side sleeper due to the increased likelihood of pressure points and difficulty in conforming to the body's curves enough to obtain proper spinal support in the side-sleeping position.

There are exceptions to this. For example, side sleepers that weigh over 250 pounds might be better off on a firm mattress. Or side sleepers who are very light and not very curvy (eg, children) are generally OK on a firm mattress. Best to take our quiz if you are unsure.

If you don't want one that is "too soft," that shouldn't be a problem -- have you tried any that are "Medium" softness? Even Medium-Firm would likely be OK. You can scan lots of online options here and filter them by softness (eg, Medium) as well as price, materials, etc.:

answered Aug 09 '16
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