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I tend to sleep hot and was strongly considering this bed. Does anyone who had a tendency to sleep hot, purchase this bed and find that it made a difference. Hate to spend 2000 on a mattress and not make a difference to what I am on now Beauty Rest Black Hybrid. Thank you

asked Feb 07 '16
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I have the the optimum cool gel mattress bought it in 2014, I would wake up most every night between 3am-4am very hot, thought I was haveing hot flashes ive been to Doctor and on hormone meds. But still wake up hot during the night like the heat was traped under me ,started sleeping in our spare bedroom to see if it was me or the bed. I did not wake up during the night with being hot sleeping on a different mattress! Ive talked to Ashley Funiture who i bought it from thwy gave me a number to call and of course they say this is not covered under warranty to call Sealy ! So here we go with the run a round!!!!!!!

answered Mar 09 '18
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Tracy W from Ruston, LA
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