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Does the Serta iSeries Aim Super Pillow Top mattress have a comfort rating? Thanks!

asked Nov 12 '14
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If you are wishing to compare this mattress to other similar iSeries models, it is also known as the Honoree SPT and the Cardinal SPT, It is definitely on the softer side which can be great for back and side sleepers. Remember to try and shop local Good luck to you.

answered Nov 18 '14
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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Thanks for your question. We classify this model as "medium softness," which is equivalent to a comfort rating of 3 out of 5 (with 5 being the softest and 1 being the hardest). Hope that answers your question! Please let us know if we can assist you further.

answered Nov 14 '14
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Goodbed Editor ♦♦
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Super Pillow Tops by their nature are a softer feel. Your best bet is to go into your local Serta retailer and try them for yourself. One person's firm is another person's soft.

If you have an America's Mattress in your home town that's the best bet to see the entire collection and get honest answers. America's Mattress stores are the only factory direct Serta dealers in the country. Plus they're locally owned and operated so they have a vested interest in making you a happy customer.

answered Nov 18 '14
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Ken Mazda ♦
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