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I'm looking for a mattress that compares with the good old-fashioned mattresses of the '90's: innerspring throughout, no foam, and able to be flipped. Would the Sealy Parsons Firm mattress be a good choice?

asked Sep 12 '14
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Definitely not. It's not flippable (no Sealy's are), it does contain foam, and that model is an entry level, "loss leader" type bed. It's nowhere near the type of mattress you're describing. Did you try it out? It's horrendous.

Unfortunately, you'll have to invest more than a couple hundred bucks for a flippable innerspring mattress that doesn't use foam. They can be very expensive. They're out there, and I can point you in the direction if you're interested, but brace yourself...$$$

answered Sep 18 '14
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Blake Greer
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Mattresses back in the 90s used many different foam layers, including polyurethane, visco-elastic polyurethane memory foam, latex, fiber, cotton, posture get the idea. I'm guessing that you're referring to a product that doesn't contain memory foam.

The Sealy mattress you mentioned is one-sided. Unfortunately, there aren't too many mattress companies still making two-sided products, and often it's left up to the discretion of the individual licensees. Almost all of your ultra-premium brands, like VI Spring, will be two-sided. but I'm guessing you don't want to take out a mortgage for a mattress.

Some Restonic licensees make two-sided beds. Therapedic has the Innergy 2 Collection, and that is two sided. Click here for a link to two of these beds. As a disclaimer, I am a Therapedic retailer, but you can use this link simply to see a sample of what is contained in a two-sided mattress like this.

Hopefully that information is helpful.

Good luck! Jeff

answered Sep 19 '14
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Jeff Scheuer ♦
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Don's Mattress service manufactures inner spring all cotton mattresses and tufted the old fashion way since 1919. 7812700072

answered Apr 27 '17
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Gabe from North Andover, MA
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Sean is correct.

answered Sep 19 '14
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Sep 11 '17

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