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Can the Sealy Posturepedic Sunridge mattress be used on an adjustable bed? I have an adjustable base (twin) and need to know if this mattress can bend when raising the top or bottom.

asked May 22 '14
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There are a few things that can cause problems when putting a mattress on an adjustable base:

  • Border wire. If the edge support is provided by a steel wire running along the edge of the mattress, this wire is usually not made to bend, and thus can get bent out of shape if the mattress is used on an adjustable base.
  • Spring core. Pocket coils are able to move completely separate from each other, so when the bed is bent the affected coils can move freely into a new position, and then back into their previous position when the bed is flattened out again. This ensures that the overall integrity of the coil unit is not negatively affected when used on an adjustable base. Other types of coils are more 'hit or miss' (and more often 'miss') when it comes to adjustable bases.
  • Padding. If the mattress is too thick (eg, 20 inches), it can sometimes cause problems to use it on an adjustable base.

The Posturepedic Sunridge model that is currently being sold at Sears Canada does not use a border wire, does use a pocketed coil, and is not too thick. So, it should be OK on an adjustable base.

answered May 22 '14
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