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I have seen a lot of replies about what is good for a sleeper based on a criteria. But I'm curious what other experts on this forum recommend over everything else.

To be more specific, which type, brand, or model has been much more successful at providing better sleep for consumers than the rest? What has stood out over others and why?

Just curious what you think is the best and hopefully it will help any shoppers looking over the forum of Q&A.


asked Sep 01 '12
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For clarification, this question is being asked by one of the experts here in the forum, rather than by a mattress shopper. That said, we agree it would be interesting to hear responses from other experts on this topic. In particular, it would be useful to hear the rationale for why someone recommends a certain type of mattress most highly.

Our perspective here at GoodBed is that there needs to be a match between the characteristics offered by a mattress and the characteristics most required (or desired) by that person.

(Sep 01 '12) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image

Obviously with my company being called the organic bedroom we are huge on latex, Other than the extremely rare person allergic to natural latex I can not find any downfalls to Latex. My number one seller is the Savvy Rest 10in all dunlop Serenity. I think tempurpedic is still the cool thing in bedding but there are real issues with Heat, off gassing and Price. In fact we porbably see a couple of people a week getting rid of theres due to the issues with them.

answered Nov 30 '12
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Hi Andrew, Recommendations are based on the specific needs of my customers. Even so, there are more mattresses to avoid than there are of value. The two worst products for body impressions are: memory foam and pillowtops. This industry spends a lot of time creating the illusion of quality than they spend on the quality itself. This direction was taken when mattresses went one sided. It has continued with the extensive use of memory foam. If you are a young salesman, you are not likely to be aware of all this. It's been over the last 10 years, or so, that the industry has taken to selling disposable mattresses, as opposed to them lasting 10 to 20 they had been.

There is nothing like all latex for comfort that lasts.

For customers looking for a softer surface, we recommend the use of a soft latex topper, which will, by far, outlast and outperform any pillowtop made.


answered Sep 04 '12
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Sep 04 '12

I was hoping for more responses but that's okay!

Personally as a retail sales associate, memory foam beds have been the most successful for us for our customers. Between Simmons Comfor-Pedic, Tempur-Pedic, and iComfort, there have been only a handful of warranty issues. Sure there are a few people who don't like the foam and reselect to a coil mattress, but by and large a majority of our foam only owners keep their bed and rave about it.

I think it's important for the bed not to sink in quickly. That's the #1 reason people hate bed shopping, especially when it happens to them.

Hope to hear from more retailers!!

answered Sep 28 '12
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At the Sleep Shop, our criteria includes avoiding non-toxic flame retardant. That is my main concern, with all of the science now being shown about the levels of flame retardant in our bloodstream. Our preferred brands are Suite Sleep (Ace Hotel mattress) and Magniflex

answered Oct 22 '13
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