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Anybody get an Essentia mattress that can tell us about your experience?

asked Mar 24 '14
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The FTC recently "got" them as they were busted for false claims.

answered Mar 30 '14
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<p>To add some context to this, here is a link to the press release from the FTC, released in July 2013: "Three Companies Barred from Advertising Mattresses as Free From Volatile Organic Compounds Without Scientific Evidence to Back Up Claims"</p> <p>Here is the section of the press release that discusses Essentia specifically:<br> "The FTC alleges that Essentia made unsubstantiated claims that its mattresses do not contain VOCs, are chemical-free, have no chemical off-gassing or odor, and are made from 100 percent natural materials. Moreover, the complaint alleges that Essentia claimed that tests show that its memory foam is free of VOCs and formaldehyde when, in fact, tests do not support these claims."</p> <p>Having shared this, it's important to clarify that this does not mean that Essentia's mattresses lack comfort, support or durability -- which are for most people the three most important attributes in a mattress. However, for anyone whose interest in Essentia's products relates to their claims about being natural or free of chemicals, this information from the FTC is something you'll want to read closely.</p>
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<p>Hello Again Joe,</p> <p>Some time ago we had referred to our products as VOC free since according to expert analysis our mattresses contain no more VOC’s than the room we’re in right now. IE ambient VOC.</p> <p>Since all 0 VOC products contain some VOCs we thought it would be safe to refer to our products as 0 VOC, non-toxic, toxin free etc.</p> <p>You can read more about it here.</p>
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