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Where can I buy a Serta Perfect Sleeper Ivywood mattress- or something comparable to it? I slept on one in San Diego, CA, and it was the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on! I can't seem to find one for sale where I live though (Maryland).

asked Feb 13 '14
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As you may know, model names are often exclusive to a single retailer and change frequently. As such, that particular model name was probably never available in Maryland, and according to our records is no longer available in California either.

That said, you can find something pretty comparable, but first you'll need to know which comfort level of Ivywood you slept on. There were four comfort options in the Ivywood series:

Once you've determined that, you can look for currently available Perfect Sleeper models that have similar specs to the appropriate Ivywood model. In general, you're looking for a 532-coil Perfect Sleeper model that has zoned foam but no memory foam or gel.

Hope that helps!

answered Feb 14 '14
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