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Hi, I just bought a new memory foam mattress (Sleep Options 9" Cool Gel Foam) and got the box spring set with it. Both the box spring and the mattress are sized full, but the mattress hangs over the box spring by about 2 inches. Is that normal? Can someone tell me if it will damage the mattress or void the warranty?


asked Jan 14 '14
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Emily R from Brooklyn, NY
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thanks guys! both the mattress & box spring are sleep options from 1800 mattress. it only overhangs by 2 inches width wise on one side if we line it up with the box on the other side. i guess if we center it on the box it will only be an inch on either side which isn't too big of a deal. i've never owned a foam mattress before and don't have many friends with foam mattresses so i have no reference as to "normal" here.

I had them bring in a new mattress & boxspring but they are the exact same dimensions with the same overhang so I'm guessing it's just a thing with this model. we can exchange it for another bed in the meantime, but our warranty doesn't begin until 30 days after purchase so I can't even get an expert in to inspect it until then

(Jan 15 '14) Emily R Emily R's gravatar image

Emily, was the foam mattress compressed? If so, it could take a little bit to de-compress, accounting for the extra overhang. Most mattress people don't deal with compressed foam beds, but this is common if a bed has been compressed. It will be a few inches wider until fully expanded.

That said, I know in the mattress industry in general that measurements are not EXACT. Most warranties you read will account for and inch or so in either direction, width, length.

answered Jan 15 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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it was compressed, but I thought that would only affect the height of the mattress, not the width. thanks!

(Jan 16 '14) Emily R Emily R's gravatar image

That shouldn't be. Measure both length and width of the mattress and the boxsprings. Contact who you bought it from and ask them these questions. Is it 2 inches all the way around or just on one side/end? Two inches all around would make the mattress closer to a queen. "Normally" we would see a mattress to be smaller than the foundation. IF the mattress and boxsprings are from the same manufacturer they should honor the warranty. Overhang is not ideal.

answered Jan 14 '14
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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I agree with Ernest….you want the optimal conditions for better wear. That overhang may impact the longevity of the mattress.

answered Jan 14 '14
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Karen Woods ♦
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