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How many coils are in a queen size OBUS Forme Ryley Euro Top mattress?

asked Nov 04 '13
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Doesn't look like they are too forthcoming with that information on their website. Keep in mind coil count is not really a great indicator of quality. What is the density of the foam above the coils? That is a bigger quality issue, as coils rarely sag, its a common misconception among consumers, its almost always the foam above the coils that develops the body impressions. Most of these types of beds use low quality foams that last 5 years or less before developing a body impression. Another reason why coil count is not a good indicator of quality is because there are other factors. You could have 2000 coils but if they are single heat tempered and a very thin gauge of steel, they would not be very durable. Wire gauge is very important when considering coil construction. Keep in mind that most major brands like these are designed to last 5-7 years to ensure you are back in the market before long.

answered Nov 04 '13
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