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Can anyone tell me more about NovaForm mattresses, sold at Costco?

asked Oct 08 '13
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Hello, we do have one NovaForm review. Unfortunately the company doesn't provide a lot of other information about their products.

Here's an excerpt from an independent review about the quality of their materials (the full article can be seen here):

The Costco site doesn't list any of the density specs for the Novaform or the foam layers underneath the memory foam layers which makes it impossible to predict how it may feel to any particular individual.... The memory foam layer on the gel mattress however is thinner and it has a "textured" foam underneath it (usually indicating some type of engineering such as convoluted foam or similar) which is typically "softer feeling" than a firmer support foam. The memory foam itself may feel firmer initially but like all memory foam will soften with body heat.... What is clear though based on rough calculations of the shipping weight of the gel foam toppers is that the density of the topper is around 4 lb which means that it is mid quality memory foam and certainly won't last as long as a higher quality memory foam ... and of course like all memory foam it will soften over time.

answered Oct 09 '13
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