Bed Frames & Platforms
Bed Frames & Platforms to Support Your Mattress

From low-profile modern platform beds to traditional four poster bed frames, the floor support you choose for your mattress is largely a matter of personal style and preference.

Many mattress retailers will include a simple metal frame with your mattress and foundation purchase, which may be sufficient for keeping the foundation off the floor, provided there is a center rail with one or more legs for a queen-sized or larger bed. (One of the most common causes of sagging is a lack of adequate center support in the frame.) Whatever you choose, consider the frame’s center support, materials, and workmanship. A poorly made frame can be the cause of problems ranging from minor inconveniences like squeaking to more serious ones like failing to adequately support your mattress over time.

Adjustable bed bases, which can adjust positions to elevate the upper or lower body, are another alternative to a traditional bed frame.

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