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Awara Mattresses Overview

Last updated on June 22, 2022

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Here's our look at Awara's two newly redesigned mattresses, the Awara and Awara Premier.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Awara collection of latex hybrid mattresses.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Awara Mattress Collection Overview video.

Awara Mattresses: Shared Features

There are two mattresses in the Awara collection. While they differ in feel, softness, cushioning depth and other preference features, they share similar materials and construction. Let's take a look.
It's worth noting that the 2022 version of Awara's original mattress feels substantially different than it's pre-2022 model. So if you are a current Awara mattress owner looking to buy the same model again, be aware that the latest version feels quite a bit softer than the company's first mattress model.

Natural latex + pocketed coil construction

Both mattresses use natural Dunlop latex as the comfort layer; that means this is a natural product made from real rubber trees. Latex is know, generally, for its pressure-relieving qualities and springiness. Unlike memory foam, latex does not "melt" beneath you as your body warms it. Rather, it provides a buoyant though soft feeling.

Both the Awara and the Awara Premier pillow-top mattress use natural latex, but the pillow-top Premier uses more of it.
Both mattresses feature the same 8-inch-tall, 638-coil (queen size) pocketed coil unit for support. While the company says it uses firmer coils around the perimeter of the bed for enhanced edge support (helpful if you like to sit on lay right on the edge of your mattress), we didn't sense much of a reinforced feel around the edges of the mattresses.

Quilted covers

Both mattresses have soft, cozy-feeling quilted covers with fabric made from 30% organic cotton, with the balance being polyester and spandex. Quilted into the cover is organic New Zealand wool (along with some rayon and polyester fibers). Wool has heat-regulating properties, keeping you warmer in cooler temperatures, and wicking away moisture in warmer temps.
Altogether, the cover and quilting really add a great deal of surface plushness to both Awara mattresses.
Completing the cover is a sturdy tape edge, along with one of our favorite features -- functional handles.

365-night trial and lifetime warranty

The mattresses also share a very long 365-night trial period, along with Awara's "Forever" warranty. Should your mattress need warranty service, for the first 10 years, the company will send you a brand new mattress. After that, the mattress will be repaired, recovered, or replaced depending on what's needed. Also note that beyond 10 years, you'll be responsible for a $50 shipping charge each way, which will be refunded if your warranty claim is deemed valid.

The warranty covers one of the biggest complaints about mattresses: Body impressions. These are permanent indentations that form under your body and don't spring back. Keep in mind that over time, some amount of this compression is normal, but it reaches a depth of more than 1.5", the company will repair or replace your bed. (Body impressions are measured when no one is on the bed.)

Now let's take a look at how the two Awara mattresses differ.

Awara Latex Hybrid Mattress

For a couple of years, there was only one Awara mattress. Now there are two: a "tight top" version and a pillow-top version (called the Awara Premier), but both are softer than the original Awara mattress was. On our scale, we judged the original Awara bed a Firm on our softness scale. For these new-for-2022 mattress, we found the tight-top Awara to be a Medium Firm (and quite close to Medium), and the pillow-top version a Medium Soft. This could be important if you are sleeping on the first incarnation of the Awara, expecting that the latest model will have the same "feel."

The Awara mattress features 2" of natural latex on top of an 8" pocketed coil unit under a plush quilted cover for a total mattress height of 10".
The latex on top is a medium to medium-soft latex foam, and it has a classic latex feel, giving you a feeling of being hugged or cradled without feeling "stuck" in the mattress. If you like a feeling that your are floating on top of your mattress rather than sinking deeply into it, that's the feeling you'll get on the Awara.
The Awara mattress features a soft and cozy feeling quilted cover, along with luxurious-feeling side panels, piping, and sturdy functional handles.
It's worth noting that while the Awara mattress does use some certified organic materials -- for example the cotton used in the cover is organic, and the wool in the quilting is organic -- this is not a top-to-bottom organic mattress. The latex, for example, while all-natural and made from real rubber trees, is not made from organic rubber trees. The polyester and spandex in the cover are not natural materials.
We did sometimes see the Awara referred to as an "organic" mattress, even in some places on their own website, but you should know that it isn't entirely organic -- only a few components are.
Prices for the Awara mattress:
Awara Mattress front

Awara Premier Hybrid Latex Mattress

The higher priced Awara Premier is basically a pillow-top version of the tight-top Awara bed. At a total of 12" it's two-inches taller. That extra height comes from an additional layer of latex on the top of the bed. That extra latex gives the mattress a lot of extra softness. On our softness scale, we judge it a Medium Soft.

While both mattresses have more than average cushioning depth -- meaning you sink in just a bit more than average -- the pillow-top Awara Premier has deeper "sink" than its non-pillow-top counterpart. We also thought it felt a little bouncier.

The Premier version has the same sturdy, high-quality cover, along with a little more color on the sides to delineate the pillow-top. It still has the wool quilted into the cover, and still has functional handles to help move and reposition it.

A Queen size Awara Premier costs about $400 more than the regular version.

Awara Premier

Other Factors

Delivery and Returns

  • Free delivery to your door
  • 365-night trial with free returns
  • $149 white-glove setup service available, with old mattress removal for $49
Awara offers an outstanding return policy that includes a full-year trial period.  Should you return the mattress, the company will not only issue a full refund, but will even come pick it up from you.  That combo is well beyond the standard of other online mattress companies, and should provide a lot of additional confidence in giving this mattress a try.


  • Lifetime
  • Indentation coverage: 1.5" and above

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest complaints about any mattress from consumers regards body impressions—the inability of a mattress to spring back, eventually creating a low spot/sinkhole in the mattress. As such, mattress warranties all contain a term defining how big a sag or ‘body impression’ (measured when no one is on the mattress) is considered a defect, and thus covered under the warranty. The industry standard for hybrid mattresses is 1.5”, and Awara has chosen to stick to that standard. Practically speaking, that means any softening or sagging would need to be very deep and noticeable before the warranty would offer you protection.

Also note that beyond your first 10 years of ownership, you'll be responsible for a $50 shipping charge each way, which will be refunded if your warranty claim is deemed valid.

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