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One of the most commonly cited complaints about the mattress industry is the difficulty consumers have in comparing products, whether across different companies or within one company's line-up.  There are several reasons why comparing mattresses is so difficult:

  • Hidden features.  The most important factors that differentiate one mattress from another are hidden from view, inside the mattress.
  • Confusing naming practices.  To make it difficult for consumers to compare, most retailers ask the manufacturer to use different names and fabric coverings from equivalent beds sold at other stores.  Some stores will offer to decode this for you by telling you which mattress they carry is 'comparable' to the one you found at another store.  However, these comparisons are not verified by the manufacturer and thus can not always be accurately relied upon.
  • Complex product details.  In some cases, retailers are willing to provide detailed 'product specs' for their mattresses.  However, this information still tends to be very difficult for the average consumer to interpret and compare on their own.  For example, product specs typically contain lots of unfamiliar terminology and are often presented in an inconsistent format across retailers.

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