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Posted by Lara N from New York, NY on February 26, 2013

Next time I'm calling 1800Mattress for a new bed. Sleepy's was very helpful and wonderful in selling me a bed but now they are discourtesies, unhelpful and unresponsive in resolving a problem with my new mattress. After one month the mattress has begun to visibly sink in the area I sleep on it. The store says they can offer me no support or assistance and I have to call the 800 number. On the telephone I have had 4 representatives drop my call "by accident". After explaining my problem and requesting a replacement they have explained that nothing can be done until an outside agency comes and inspects the mattress. I now have to wait for this 3rd party inspection company to call me to set the appointment. Sleepy's provides no information on who or how to contact this inspection company - I am just supposed to wait. Finally I spoke to a representative that said the 3rd party coming into my home to inspect the 1 month old bed is called Mattress Marshals. See the terrible reviews this company gets online - Mattress Marshals has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau! I don't even want to deal with them or have them in my home but Sleepy's refuses to deal with this case. When I purchased from Sleepy's they never mentioned that I would have to deal with a terrible company like Mattress Marshals if I had any problems. This is terrible customer support and a huge rip off.

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Dear Lara ,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We would like to turn your experience from negative into a positive one. Please reach out to our team of specialists with your invoice number or customer code and include a telephone number with the best time and date to reach you at csable [at] mattress [dot] com so we can address the complications you experienced and reach an immediate resolution. We thank you again and appreciate your feedback.

By: Anonymous on March 27, 2013

Sleepys owns 1-800 mattress and has for many years. Purchased in bankruptcy. Same people, attitude, mattresses, prices, agita.

By: Anonymous on May 4, 2014

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