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Never again!!! $1800 down the drain and no warranty!!

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Posted by Linda S from Chelmsford, MA on August 20, 2013

I bought a Simmons beauty rest from (now is sleepys mattress, bought out mattress giant) three years ago and since then I've noticed yellowing stains on my mattress in the weirdest places. Anyways long story short I bought this mattress for $1800 very steep price I might add, so I gave the store a call from where I made the purchase from which is the sleepys in Tewksbury,MA, I asked them about the warranty and if its covered, poor guy is very new and couldn't retrieve my information so I was directed to call the 800 number so I did. I called and they said without my invoice they can't retrieve my information because matress giant has been bought out by sleepys and they use a different system blah blah not my concern!!! and my "10 year warranty" no longer applies to me. I asked the gentleman so what happens if something goes wrong? His best response was" we'll try our best to accommodate you" yea like I haven't heard that one before. So folks before you spend 1800 bucks on some nice beds be careful cause the store might get bought out and they might just lose your info along with your warranty. They just want your money and after that the "warranty" should cover it. Oh and if your invoice lets say gets lost then kiss your money and warranty goodbye.

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Thank you for sharing your concerns. Sleepy's welcomes the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to me by email with your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. We look forward to working with you, and resolving your issue.

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